Is Belen Cuesta Cisgender? Before Surgery Pictures!

There is controversy around the cisgender identity of Money Heist actor Belen Cuesta. To view photographs of her procedure, read an article.

The first transgender character in Money Heist was performed by Belen Cuesta as Julia. The nature has caused disagreement regarding Julia’s gender identity.

She is a model and seasoned actor from Spain. Her well-known films include The Warning, Hierro, Love to Love, and Holy Camp! Cuesta appeared on Netflix episodes of Vis a Vis, Look What You’ve Done, and Paquita Salas.

Is Belen Cuesta Cisgender? Before Surgery Pictures

In episode 5 of the fourth season of Money Heist, Julia, a crew member on the Professor’s squad, explains her past in a flashback. To emphasize her gender even further, she is heterosexual. Despite being a seasoned actor, many feel that she is inappropriate for Julia’s part.

Money Heist rekindles a cultural discussion by using a cisgender actor to play a transfigure. So far, a cisgender person has played a trans role. However, things are changing now. One tweet said, “Trans characters should be represented by trans actors and actresses!!”

Belén Cuesta Before Surgery
Belén Cuesta Before Surgery

There is no need to speculate further about Cuesta’s gender identity because she just plays a transgender woman. It’s a myth that she had surgery to alter her sexual orientation. Simple evidence is the relationship she is in.

What Is Belen Cuesta’s Age?

Born on January 24, 1984, Cuesta. At this time of the year, she is 37 years old. Her birth date indicates that she is an Aquarius. Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the Spanish star. English and Spanish are also used in the Wikipedia biography.

Is Belen Cuesta Married? Learn About Her Partner

Cuesta is dating her co-star in the theatre. Tamar Novas, a different Spanish actress, and she have been dating since 2012. They occurred at the same time as the Bandolera television show. Although they have a good relationship, they haven’t yet exchanged wedding vows.

She referred to her spouse as the “love of her life” in her acceptance speech at the Goya Awards. She keeps her friendship with him under wraps. They have been studied so little. However, the pair must now get along well; this may be why there aren’t many rumors.

Meet the Artist’s Family

Cuesta was raised in Fuengirola, Magala, although being born in Seville. She is presently based in Madrid where she works.

There are no specifics on her family. Her Wikipedia article includes a few details about her upbringing and academic career. On Instagram, you may find her at @belen cue. Over 7,000 people follow her. Additionally, you can find her on Twitter by searching for @belencue. 54.7K people follow her.

Belén Cuesta Height and Weight

This gorgeous actress is tall, standing at 5 feet 10 inches. She also weighs 63 kg. Her hips, waist, and chest measurements are 33-25-35 inches, giving her a lovely, thin body figure. She also had a size 4 dress on (US). Her hair and eyes are also both dark browns in tone.

This actress works according to a routine and often visits the gym to maintain her impressive body figure. To stay in shape, this diva also eats a balanced diet.

Belén Cuesta Career

Actress and model Belén Cuesta perform in theatre. This actress has experience in both television and movies. She has additionally made appearances in television ads. In the Spanish television series “Paquita Salas,” she also plays Magü.

In “La Casa de Papel,” this actress plays Manila (Money Heist). As a result, she plays a transgender lady who was Denver’s childhood friend in the television series. But when she acted in Money Heist, this actress became well-known.

In addition to “Holy Camp” (2017), “La Montana Rusa” (2012), “Despite Everything” (2019), “Spanish Affaire 1,” and “The Wedding Unplanned,” Cuesta has appeared in a variety of movies (2020). She has also been in TV shows like “Man Hunters” (2008), “Palomitas” (2011), “The Time in Between” (2013), “Aqui Paz y Despues Gloria” (2015), and “Vis a Vis” (2016). (2015).

She has provided the voice of characters in animated movies such “As storks” (2016), “Klaus” (2019), and “The Lego Ninjago Movie” (2017). Additionally, this actress appeared in plays like “Metamorfosis,” “Universos Paralelos,” “Las fichas,” and “Presencias.”

Numerous honors have been bestowed upon this persona, most recently the 2017 “Premios Feroz award” for Best Supporting Actress in a Series. She also won the “31st Goya Awards” for Best New Actress that year. For her work on “Holy Camp!” she received the Young Career Award at the 2018 “ABYCINE Awards.”


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Similarly, her work in “The Endless Trench” received the “Premios Feroz” and 34th Goya Awards in 2020. She also won the Best Film Actress prize at the same year’s “Fotogramas de Plata Awards” for her work in “The Endless Trench.”

Belén Cuesta Net Worth

The majority of this woman’s income comes from her acting work. She also makes money by promoting different social media products and participating in additional commercial advertising. However, her estimated net worth as of 2022 is between $1 million and $5 million.

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