Is Belen Cuesta Transgender In Real Life? How Did She Start Her Career?

Cuesta, a Spanish model and actress joined the Money Heist cast in 2019. She began her career in 2004 and has been in numerous films and television productions, including The Lego Ninjago Movie, The Warning, Despite Everything, The Endless Trench, Klaus, Sentimental, The Time in Between, and Bandolera.

In the heist criminal drama on Netflix, she portrays Julia “Manila.” As one of the group’s hostages during the Bank of Spain heist, Julia, a trans woman, joins the gang. She is Moscow’s goddaughter and a childhood friend of Denver’s.

Is Belen Cuesta Transgender In Real Life?

In reality, Belen is not a transgender lady. She only portrays a transgender person in the TV series Money Heist. Her inclusion in the program as a transgender lady sparked debate among viewers.

People criticized the casting and even demanded a transgender actor for the part. In an interview with El Espanol, Cuesta attempted to defend her casting by saying that she loves trans actors and is aware of their struggle, according to The Sun.

Belen Cuesta’s Sexuality Details Revealed

Regarding Cuesta’s sexual orientation, she is heterosexual. She is straight. She identifies as a cisgender woman and is of the gender feminine. In 2012, Belen and Tamar Novas started dating. Tamar is a Spanish actor who has been in a number of films and television programmes, such as Elisa and Marcela, La playa de Los ahogados, and Los abrazos rotos.

Belén Cuesta Trans
Belén Cuesta, Trans

For his performance in the 2004 film The Sea Inside, he was given a Goya Award. She and her partner are currently residing in Madrid, Spain.

Belen Cuesta Wife And Gender

Belen Cuesta is a straight woman. Hence she doesn’t have a wife. She is dating Tamar Novas, who is her boyfriend. He and she began dating in 2012, but he is not yet her spouse.

After she admitted she was dating a male, all questions regarding her sexuality were answered. Spanish actor Tamar, who appeared in The Sea Inside, also received a Goya Award. Belen and her partner are currently residing in Madrid, Spain.

Why Did Belen Cuesta Have Surgery?

Belen Cuesta is also thought to have had surgery to alter her sexual orientation. She is a cisgender woman. Hence the rumor is untrue. When questioned about it, even her parents repeatedly affirmed that their daughter is straight.

Belen can also be seen performing in plays at various theatres. Her portrayal of a transgender lady in Money Heist sparked a Twitter argument. She is an accomplished actress with a respectable net worth due to her career.

Is She A Male Or Female?

Despite all the claims to the contrary, Belen is a female. Cuesta is heterosexual, to be clear about that. She self-identifies as a cisgender woman and is neither gay nor lesbian.

Belen Cuesta Early Life

On January 24, 1984, Belén Cuesta Llamas was born in Seville, Spain. Her childhood and adolescence were spent in Fuengirola, where she attended the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático before moving to Málaga. She is presently a Madrid resident.

How Did Belen Cuesta Start Her Career?

Most people know Belén Cuesta as a theatre performer. She has participated in television commercials, motion pictures, and television productions. Cazadores de hombres marked her television debut for her. After appearing in supporting roles in TV shows like Que fue de Jorge Sanz? Ngel o demonio, Palomitas, and movies like Hierro, Operación Malaya, and Perro Flaco. In 2012, she joined the daily period drama television series Bandolera to play Elisa de Vega’s affluent character. In the comedy series Paquita Salas, she starred.


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In the series, as mentioned above, she played Magüi Moreno, the title character’s assistant, and gained a lot of notoriety when some of her lines went viral. She played Manila (a transgender woman and Denver’s cousin) in Money Heist, initially posing as a hostage inside the Bank of Spain until being revealed to be a member of the robbery crew.

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