Who Is Christopher Gregory’s Girlfriend? Where Did He Go To College?


Christopher was the real-life hero who served as the inspiration for the depressing film 2 Hearts. Gregory is portrayed by actor Jacob Elordi in the movie. The film also reveals that Christopher decided to donate all of his organs after passing away.

Who Is Christopher Gregory’s Girlfriend?

Jenn was Christopher Gregory’s girlfriend. Gregory was a 19-year-old Loyola University student. Before he died of a brain aneurysm, he had a promising future. The doctors expected his survival rate to be meager, which ultimately led to his death.

Just in October of 2007, Jenn and Christopher started dating. Similar to how Jenn helped her partner during his final days, she was devastated when he unexpectedly passed away. According to his obituary, Christopher Gregory passed away on March 27, 2008. The teen decided to donate his organs before passing away.

How His Death led To The Gabriel House

Christopher Gregory is responsible for starting The Gabriel House. Jorge Bacardi, a well-known businessman, was one of the recipients of his organ donation. Since he was a small child, Bacardi had lung issues. He was given the primary ciliary dyskinesia diagnosis at the age of 50.

Christopher Gregory Girlfriend
Christopher Gregory Girlfriend

Jorge Bacardi was able to live thanks to Christopher Gregory’s passing. A double lung transplant was his only available treatment option! When Bacardi’s organs needed to be transplanted to preserve his life, the doctors summoned him one day. But the donor’s identity and other information were kept a secret.

By himself, Bacardi gave his angel the name “Gabriel.” He found Gabriel House of Care in memory of his donor. Jorge also didn’t meet Gregory’s family until much later.

His Family and Parents

Parents Eric and Grace are among the members of Christopher Gregory’s family. He was a wonderful younger brother to John and Colin as well. Christopher was a Maryland native enrolled in his second semester of college. He had finally started concentrating on his academics and profession.

He also saved the lives of Nic, Carolyn, Mac, Xavier, and the other patients. He even donated his cornea to two more persons, in addition.

Christopher Gregory Age

Christopher Gregory was 19 years old at the time of his death. He attended Loyola University and was a college student who was sure to have a successful future.

But when visiting a buddy in New Orleans, Gregory suffered a cerebral aneurysm and passed away at 19. At the age of 16, this young lad had already registered himself as an organ donor, and following his death, his organs were donated to five other persons.

Is Christopher Gregory On Wikipedia?

No, Christopher’s profile has not yet been added to Wikipedia. He has, however, gained a great deal of notoriety since a film about him was made, and he is now well-known online.

Furthermore, because of his passing, The Gabriel House was founded. The proprietor of The Gabriel House claimed to be one of Gregory’s organ recipients and named his residence in gratitude to Gregory.

Where Did Chris Gregory Go to College?

Chris Gregory, a Maryland native, was a 19-year-old freshman at the Jesuit Loyola University in New Orleans. He had finished his first semester and was currently enrolled in his second, according to the actual narrative of 2 Hearts. His grades had slipped since he hadn’t given his studies enough attention the previous semester.


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He had, however, at last begun to turn a corner. Additionally, Chris had started rushing into a fraternity. The honest Chris Gregory (left) and the movie’s actor Jacob Elordi (right).


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