Does American Detective Joe Kenda Have Cancer? Health Explained!

Joe Kenda spent his entire career as a police officer and a police investigator until retiring in 1996. In his 23-year career, Joe was involved in 387 homicide investigations, solving 356 with a 92% closure rate. Homicide Hunter, a television program on Investigation Discovery, also starred Joe Kenda.

Joe Kenda was born in Herminie, Pennsylvania, on August 28, 1946. To learn more about his condition, cancer, and health update, click on the following subheadings.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

Our source of information about his illness claims that there are no records or public announcements that he has cancer. Additionally, he has a Wikipedia page for himself where the background of his career as a police detective is described. He talked a little bit about his family and his early years.

Joe Kenda, who goes by the alias Joe Kenda, has a Wikipedia page listing his parents as Virginia and William. You can learn more about his other relatives through his Wikipedia page. Even so, he hasn’t mentioned anything about cancer. We can therefore conclude that he didn’t have cancer until 2022. But since he withheld all relevant information from the public, we can’t be sure.

Joe Kenda Illness & Health Update In 2022 – What Happen To Joe Kenda?

Joe Kenda, a 23-year-old detective officer, is said to have developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after beginning his career. He describes how his battle with PTSD started. He added that his condition began when he was operating a school bus after leaving the police service.

Joe Kenda
Joe Kenda

When we talk about PTSD, we mean a disorder that some people encounter after going through a jarring, terrifying, or frightening experience. They may experience vivid, unsettling thoughts and feelings connected to earlier traumatic and dangerous events after triggering PTSD. The most acceptable therapy Kenda ever discovered for his PTSD was playing a role in Homicide Hunter, according to a study.

Additionally, according to, he feels better than he did previously. We can therefore infer from this statement in 2020 that he is doing about as well as previously due to the lack of news and information surrounding his health issues in 2022.

How Did Joe Kenda Get The Nose Scar?

The mystery of Joe Kenda’s nose scars has remained a secret between him and his wife, leading fans to speculate about various scenarios. No one has dared to confront him directly about the spot on his nose. Wider conjectures hold that skin cancer or a blow to the face are to blame for Kenda’s nose scars. A homicide detective’s existence is a nightmare filled with dangers, and he may have been attacked while doing his investigations.

On Reddit and Facebook, viewers conjectured that the scar was brought on by a dog bite when the man was younger or by a drug dealer striking him with a ring during a drug bust. To make the role play more genuine, a spectator once claimed that he sought to hide during a mission and chose to get a nose piercing. Kenda’s nose procedure went tragically wrong, and as a result, he now has a crooked nose.

Joe Kenda Law Enforcement Career

Kenda eventually rose to the position of homicide investigator with the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD). Between 1977 and 1980 and 1984 and 1996, he worked in the CSPD’s homicide division. He later became the head of the homicide unit. He stated, “I enjoyed the task.” “My wife, not really,” He looked into 387 homicide cases, solved 356 of them, and closed 92% of them. He attributed his success in solving crimes to his knowledge of human nature and his aptitude for spotting deception.

When police arrived at the scene of a young Hispanic woman who had shot herself in the apartment building in 1973, they discovered she had been dead for four days. Kenda had never seen a dead body, which completely shocked him. Kenda said, “I got home that night, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t do anything,” when asked if being a cop was the right choice. The following day, while Kenda sat in his police vehicle, he decided that he wanted to work in law enforcement.

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