Who Is @onlycosvickye On Tiktok? Age And Height Explained!

The Tiktok sensation and social media personality onlycosvickye. She produces content and is known for her @onlycosvickye Tiktok account, where she publishes explicit material. She also dresses like anime characters while giving them some mature looks.

Onlycosvickye Tiktok

A TikToker named @Onlycosvickye has 18.9 million video likes and 1.7 million followers. Her videos on TikTok have more than 18.9 million likes. It demonstrates that she interacts with her admirers and that they enjoy her.


Onlycosvickye On Onlyfans

Currently, she may be found on Onlyfans with the username @cosvickye. With a paid subscription, she shares her sexual stuff with her admirers on her Onlyfans VIP account.

Her Onlyfans’ premium subscription is $9.50 for 30 days. Her followers appreciate her and her content.

Onlycosvickye Real Name

Except for TikTok, she hasn’t publicly revealed her real name, but all of her other social media profiles go under Cosvickye. Therefore, we can deduce that onlycosvickye is her TikTok name and Cosvickye is her real name.

What is Onlycosvickye Age And Height?

Onlycosvickye shared information about her age and height on Instagram. She will be 20 years old in 2021, per her Instagram. She is 155 cm tall, which is average, and she looks nice for her height. His exact age and date of birth have not yet been made public.

Meet onlycosvickye Partner: Is She Married?

Cosvickye has never discussed her boyfriend in front of her followers. She has been open about both her personal and professional life and at this moment, it doesn’t seem like she would be interested in talking about her lover. She seems to be focusing on her Tiktok profession on the other hand. We’ll update her boyfriend’s information as soon as she gives us her identity.

Cosvickey On Instagram

Semone can be found on Instagram under the account name @coskame. She has 8 posts, 112k fan followers, and 2 followers on Instagram.


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A post shared by Cosvickye (@onlycosvickye)

@CosVickye is Cosvickey’s Twitter handle, and she now has 44.3k followers. Her posts on finding happiness in mundane tasks. She frequently discusses cosplaying as the anime character Naruto in her postings, demonstrating that her admirers are familiar with her due to her writing.

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