Who Is Richard Madden’s Boyfriend? What Is The Dating History of His?

Richard Madden Boyfriend: Scottish actor Richard Madden has been in movies like 1917 and Rocketman in addition to HBO’s Game of Thrones and the BBC miniseries Bodyguard. In a short time, he rose to fame on a global scale, and his fans are already interested in learning more about his girlfriend and whether Richard Madden is gay.

Who Is Richard Madden’s Boyfriend?

According to recent rumors, the actor is dating Brandon Flynn, who plays the lead character in 13 Reasons Why. They were first observed in Los Angeles, where we also learned they cohabitated. After Madden played a gay character in the movie Rocketman, this idea gained further traction.

When asked about his position, he responded, “It’s a horrible route to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their personal life. I think it’s essential to prioritize diversity and include everyone, but I also believe it is crucial to choose the right actor for the part.

Richard Madden Boyfriend
Richard Madden Boyfriend

According to recent sources, the couple broke up in November this year. Their relationship had been tense for a very long time. Because he told the Versace crew not to invite Richard to a party at the start of December, Brandon has made it clear that he doesn’t want to see Richard, according to a source.

Richard has worn the brand’s clothing a few times, he added. But now that they are working with Brandon, they are adhering to his wishes by refusing to invite Richard to the celebration.

Is Richard Madden Gay?

Richard Madden doesn’t appear to be gay based on his adoration life. In any case, the Scottish performer has kept his sexual orientation a mystery for the time being. He knows he is dating the woman and is conscious of his heartfelt life, which draws him to the next sex. The source claims that Chafe is thought to be dating Brandon Flynn.

A well-known American musician and performer are Brandon Flynn. Richard Madden wants to keep certain concepts under wraps for the time being. When the subject of his sexuality came up, he said nothing. Online sources claim that Richard and Brandon have been spotted together multiple times, creating doubts regarding Richard’s sexual orientation.

Since he played a gay character in the movie Eternals, which raised questions about his sexuality among the general public, Richard’s sexuality has become more aggressive. Whether the performer from The Eternals is gay or not, we cannot base any choices on rumors alone.

Are Richard Madden And Brandon Flynn Partners Or Friends?

Richard Madden has recently dated Ellie Bamber, Laura Whitmore, Suki Waterhouse, Caroline Flack, and Jenna Coleman. However, there have been rumors that 13 Reasons Why VIP Brandon Flynn is dating entertainer Richard Madden. This was revealed soon after Madden and Ellie split up.

They were first spotted in Los Angeles, and the fact that both Madden and Flynn resided there only served to support this assertion. The unrest intensified when Richard Madden played a gay role in Rocketman. Robert Madden Gay, for sure!

Richard Madden Boyfriend
Richard Madden Boyfriend

When questioned about his stance, he responded, “It is a horrible route to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their private life. Diversity should be emphasized more, but I think the finest actor for the part should be cast. Richard Madden refused to talk about his personal space with the New York Times when asked about his relationship with Brandon Flynn.

Additionally, there are rumors that Brandon and Richard will become friends and argue in November 2019. According to The Sun, their relationship had been hostile for a very long time. In an interview, Brandon made a clear statement against Madden, stating that he didn’t want to connect with him in any way since he instructed the Versace team not to invite him to a party they had planned for December. In keeping with Richard Madden’s request, the companies with which he was associated are now bound by a contract with Brandon Flynn.

What Is The Dating History of Richard Madden?

The dating history of Richard Madden is highly noteworthy, spanning from his lengthy union with Jenna Coleman to his brief courtship of Laura Whitmore. Richard’s sexuality was occasionally questioned as he was photographed with an ex-girlfriend of Sam Smith, Brandon Flynn. Naturally, speculation about Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn’s relationship began.

Here is a thorough examination of Richard Madden’s dating life.

Jenna Coleman

In 2012, Richard started dating Jenna, an ex-Emmerdale actress. He succeeded at the moment thanks to his appearance on Game of Thrones. Her lover “geeked out” and fell in love with her again when she was cast as Clara Oswald in Doctor Who a year later.

Well, I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who ever since I was a young child. I loved it then, and I still love it now, he told Vulture. “When I see the TARDIS on the set, for example, I might feel thrilled about it. They split up in 2015 even though they appeared to be in love since it was rumored that he was getting close to his Cinderella co-star Lily James.

Richard Madden Boyfriend
Richard Madden Boyfriend

After working on the program, Jenna fell in love with Tom Hughes, who also appeared in Victoria. They were unable to reunite as a result of this.

Laura Whitmore

Richard was reportedly linked to Love Island host Laura Whitmore in 2016, and it was reported that the two were “extremely eager” to advance their romance. They get along really well. Although both of them are pretty interested, he has done most of the courting, it was stated at the time.

However, only five months later, it was said that they were no longer a couple. Iain Sterling, Laura’s future husband, and Laura met that year. Because they were both so busy, it was believed that Laura and Richard split up in August that year.

Caroline Flack

In the summer of 2017, the actor had become close to Caroline Flack, and they got to know one another after splitting from Laura Whitmore. There are also allegations that it led to a powerful argument at the time between her and her best friend, Laura.

According to a source, Laura believes Caroline violated the girl code because neither Caz nor Caroline informed her of Richard. Through their shared friends, Laura and Richard became acquainted. Caroline and Richard’s relationship didn’t survive for very long, even though there were allegations of a quarrel. Before the year was out, they split.

Suki Waterhouse

Just a few months after he and Laura split up, in December 2016, Richard began dating supermodel Suki Waterhouse. However, their relationship was short-lived, and they immediately parted ways.

Ellie Bamber

Richard and Ellie parted ways in 2019, and since then, he has kept his relationship status a secret. Ellie and Richard may have dated from 2017 to 2019, but the Les Miserables actress allegedly ended their relationship in 2019.

The Sun On Sunday reported that Richard and Ellie had become more combative before calling it quits on their 18-month relationship. When Richard accepted his Golden Globe medal without Ellie, tensions appeared to have peaked. Additionally, he avoided mentioning his partner in his acceptance speech for the honor.

They’re both upset, but a source told The Sun it was the right thing to do. At one point, they were fighting practically every day, and although they considered seeking couples therapy, it became apparent that there were too many issues that couldn’t be resolved.

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