Did She Really Kill Manchella Allen? Where Is Robert Jamonte Abrams? Is He In Jail?


In the murder of Manchella Joe Allen, Abrams pulled the trigger. Manchella was killed at the “Cookies-N-Cream” nightclub, and the two suspects, Breanna Cunningham and Robert Abrams were detained and brought to Metro Jail.

The victim did not know the suspects and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The preliminary hearings for Robert and Breanna were scheduled for the next month.

Who Is Robert Abrams? Alabama Man Arrested For Manchella Allen Murder

30 years old at the time of his arrest, Robert Abrams. Robert Jamonte Abrams is his complete name. He was seeing Breanna Cunningham at the time. They were detained and given murder-related charges. Both Abrams and Cunningham have entered not guilty pleas.

Following a verbal altercation inside the Cookies-N-Cream nightclub on Theodore Dawes Road on February 27, Abrams and Cunningham shot and murdered Allen, according to Fox 10 News. Robert closed the door on Allen as he sought to use the restroom. He opened fire on the victim inside the strip club six times after they got into a fight. On February 27, at about 1:30 am, the police arrived at the club in response to a report of a homicide.

Robert Jamonte Abrams
Robert Jamonte Abrams

Breanna, Robert’s girlfriend, and I were in Biloxi, Mississippi. On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, they were taken into custody by the US Police from the Biloxi and D’lberville police departments.

Is Robert Abrams Still In Jail?

In custody for the murder of Manchella Allen is Robert Abrams. For a while, the MPD could not find him and requested assistance. According to My NBC 15, Robert was initially brought in for questioning with the homicide case involving 45-year-old Allen. Abrams was brought before the Biloxi Police Department and accused of killing Manchella Allen.

Robert Abrams And Breanna Cunningham Trial Details Revealed

The specifics of the Brianna Cunningham and Robert Abrams trials are currently confidential. One month after the event, Abrams and Cunningham both had court appearances scheduled. Their upcoming court date and punishment information will shortly be made public.

The public was not made aware of the court orders. It’s unclear if Robert had a representative who could speak for him in court. Because Breanna had the gun used to kill Manchella, she was charged with the crime. After the shooting, they departed from the club.

Did She Really Kill Manchella Allen?

Yes, Breanna Cunningham is responsible for Manchella Allen’s murder. The accusations relate to a gunshot that killed a young man on Theodore Dawes Road in February 2021. According to attorney Jennifer Wright, Breanna Cunningham assisted and encouraged Manchella Allen to be shot.

On March 2, 2021, US Marshals, D’Iberville Police, and Biloxi Police took Breanna Cunningham into custody. Even though Robert Abram shot Manchella Allen, Breanna provided the gun, as seen in the video recording.


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