William Lorance Tuckett Pickaxe Murder: Is Justine Lorence’s Father In Prison?


William Lorance is a well-known family member who is an American convicted felon and is known for being the father of a renowned fitness instructor. He is famous for more than simply his daughter, though. He committed some horrific crimes more than 20 years ago. Thus, he is remembered for his history.

After disclosing his relationship with his well-known daughter, many individuals appear ready to learn more about his personal life and numerous other specifics. More importantly, though, are the questions of whether he is still behind bars and how he gets along with his daughter.

Who Is William Lorance?

William has reportedly been released from prison after serving 22 years in prison. When his daughter Justine showed her kids some of his photos and videos, word of the story spread, and she talked about how it felt to see her father again after 22 years. After over two decades, William has finally returned to his family, and they are thrilled. William is 22 years now, and he has grandchildren.

William Lorance Pickaxe Murder – Is His Father In Prison?

No, William Lorance is not currently incarcerated. When this piece was written, he was recently released from prison after serving around a month. Let’s get right to the concerns you might be thinking about. He was doing time for murder. William Lorance’s stepfather was discovered dead in 1999, having been battered to death. Since the signs were obvious, everyone was sure William had used a pickaxe to murder his father.

William Lorance Tuckett Pickaxe
William Lorance Tuckett Pickaxe

After being detained for over a year, he entered a guilty plea and admitted to using a hammer to kill his stepfather and plotting to kill his mother and stepfather four days before. He was then given a 25-year prison term for first-degree murder. But after 22 years, he was just released when 12 board members authorized his parole.

William Lorance Pickaxe: Justine Lorence Tuckett Father

As previously established, Justine Lorence Tuckett, a well-known American fitness instructor, is the daughter of William Lorance. Even though she did not mainly get her father’s love, she still gets along well with him, and their family is happy.

Justine was only five years old when her father was incarcerated, but she made the public aware of his parole. Since he was released from prison, they have lived together, and she constantly posts about him on her social media accounts. Not only that, but he also seems to be getting along well with Justine’s children, who are his grandchildren.

William Was Sentenced to 25 Years in Jail in 2000

William was given a 25-year prison term in 2000 on charges of attempted murder and homicide. After a physical altercation with his wife, he spent a week living with his mother and stepfather in the 22700 block of Islam Are Lane in Lake Forest. Williams reportedly approached his stepfather after his parents asked him to leave the house, which infuriated him, according to the police report. He decided to kill both of his parents and devised a plan to do it.

He first entered the home through a window while carrying a pickaxe and hammer that he had brought from the Irvine construction site where he had been employed. Although his attorney assured him that he would not face a first-degree murder prosecution, the defendant went into great detail about his actions and claimed they were driven by alcoholism, disillusionment, and hopelessness. According to the LA Times, the judge reportedly rejected all of his attorney’s accusations and gave him a 25-year prison term.

He used a pickaxe to kill his stepfather at his California house. On April 16, 1999, he was dead at the age of 33. At the age of 34, he served 22 years in prison. His daughter was five years old at the time. After 22 years, the authorities decided to free him. His daughter displayed photographs to him. In several pictures, William can be seen having fun with his grandchildren. The following 22 years of William’s life will be spent with his family. For updates, keep an eye on this space.


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