What Is David Freiburger’s Age? How Did He Start His Career?


David Freiburger is editor in Chief of Hot Rod and a well-known media figure in the United States. Freiburger has always known that cars must be the focus of his life. David’s first position was in a Dodge car dealership. He also had a job manufacturing auto parts.

Later, David obtained employment with a business that produced automobile ignitions, naturally in the aftermarket. He spent some time in technical positions before landing an editor position at Hot Rod. His career in automobile journalism would begin with this position. Was he interested in David’s life? Look at our article.

Who Is David Freiburger?

On August 21, 1968, David Freiburger was born. Additionally, David won’t think twice about performing a burnout in a bespoke hot rod if given a chance.

David Freiburger Age
David Freiburger Age

In addition to being the Editor in Chief of HOT ROD and HOT ROD Deluxe, David Freiburger is a well-known American automotive expert and reality TV star. After co-hosting the MotorTrend TV program “Roadkill,” he gained notoriety. In this episode, he and other actors demonstrate how they personalize and fix automobiles.

The fact that he has an excessive number of vehicles is another well-known characteristic of him. As for HOT ROD TV and Live Radio, David has made multiple appearances. Since he was a little boy, he has been interested in vehicles and the automotive business. He began learning to drive cars at a very young age and learning more about cars and trucks.

What Is David Freiburger’s Age?

In 1968, on August 21, David was born. In 2022, David Freiburger will turn 54 years old. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone that David is so energized. Leos have a reputation for being ambitious and active. David, we surmise, embodies the ideal of what a Leo ought to be.

Who Is the Wife of David Freiburger?

David is a highly private person while appearing to be laid back. He keeps his personal affairs private. The only information we could glean from him was that he is married. Even though he tries to keep his lips tight, occasionally, something gets out. His wife is mentioned in his social media posts.

David appeared to want to buy anything from Craigslist on March 5, 2011, most likely an automobile. He was afraid, though, that his wife would disagree. So he said on Facebook that he was worried he should buy the best thing David had ever seen, that his wife would make him live there.

How Did David Freiburger Start His Career?

David Freiburger has been fascinated by automobiles and engines since childhood. In one of the performances, he gave a brief personal account. After seeing his father, “Jim Freiburger,” operate a classic Jaguar car, he claimed he developed an interest in automobiles. He started learning more about cars with the help of her father as an example.

David Freiburger Age
David Freiburger Age

He purchased a car when he was 15 in 1983, and at that age, he began to learn how to drive. He worked at various places after finishing his studies. She started her career in the auto sector by working in a dealership where he sold Dodge vehicles. After some time at work, he joined a garage where he worked on automobile engines. He learned a lot about automobiles and machines during his time there.

He later secured employment with a business that produced aftermarket vehicle ignitions, where he learned several things. Following this position, David received encouragement from pursuing a career in the automobile industry. Then he was the magazine’s editor-in-chief for Hot Rod and Hot Rod Deluxe. Aside from writing and producing these two shows, he also directed and made them.

 David has served as an editor for these journals and others, including 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Car Craft, Rod & Custom, etc. David also contributes to developing “Engine Master” and “Put up or shut up,” among others. He continues to work in the automobile sector and has performed in over 11 events during his career.

As a cast member of the hit MotorTrend TV program “Roadkill Garage,” he is currently employed. He fixes cars, gives them a fresh look, and makes used cars roadworthy with the help of the cast. He creates custom hot rods. He has established numerous marks and has been a Bonneville 200 MPH Club member since 2004.

The F-Bomb Camaro is David’s favorite vehicle and is well known for having many other cars. Since he has more than 726K followers on Instagram, he is also highly well-liked on social media. He also posts images and videos of himself working with vehicles and in the garage on his Instagram account.

 Additionally, he has a YouTube channel with more than 78.1k subscribers and sells his products on both his website and YouTube. He uploads videos of himself working in a garage and with various automobiles and other automotive content. On May 6, 2011, David posted his first video to YouTube titled “Hot Rod Magazine 1966 Buick Rescue Part 1: It Runs After 30 Years,” in which he mended a vehicle that had been running for 30 years. David joined YouTube on December 19, 2010, and his first video was released that day.

What Is The Net Worth of David Freiburger?

David’s net worth is more than $1 million as of 2022. Most of his money has been amassed for his life working in the auto sector as salaries and earnings from shows. He reportedly earns slightly more than $110,000 annually from Hot Rod Magazine and other compensation.

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