Who Is Lisa Sparhawk? Guinness Record Video On Twitter


Meet Lisa Sparks, also known as Lisa Sparhawk, who holds the record for having the most sex acts with a partner in a single day. The world record for anything can only be broken by an eccentric individual prepared to take extreme measures. There are several categories in which people have established journals, and many attempts to break those records to enter the record book.

Lisa Sparhawk, also known as Lisa Sparks, is one of these record-holders. The pornographic actress decided to create a world record unlike anything else, taking it a step further. She broke the record for sleeping with the most guys in a day by engaging in sexual activity with 919 men in 12 hours.

Who Is Lisa Sparhawk?

The record for having affairs with the most guys in a single day belongs to American porn star Lisa Sparhawk. She is a porn star that was born in Kentucky, America. She has appeared as an explicit actress in many films about the particular business.

Lisa Sparhawk Record
Lisa Sparhawk Record

Since Lisa founded the sector in the 2000s, it has been her passion for around twenty years. On the internet, little is known about her personal life, save her professional life.

Lisa Sparhawk Wikipedia

Despite her growing fame, Noze lacks a Wikipedia of her own. However, she is listed on the Street Woman Fighter Wikipedia page. The competition for female dance troops is held as part of the program. The program debuted in 2021 thanks to Mnet. Noze is renowned for spreading quickly. People are enthralled by her idol-like aura even when she appears on the television program.

She has more attention now than ever because of her recent conflict with the YGX. Noze’s performance in the intense competition with a YGX crew member impressed her supporters. The crowd was nonetheless interested in the version even though YGX had won the war. Noze has not yet disclosed her romantic situation. We’re not sure if she’s single or dating someone right now.

Nevertheless, she appears to be concentrating on her job based on her social media. Given that, it’s possible that she is single and not searching for a relationship.

Lisa Sparhawk Guinness Record Video On Twitter

Although the video of Lisa Sparhawk, also known as Lisa Sparks and her Guinness, is frequently discussed on Twitter, it cannot be discovered. It is difficult to find on well-known social media platforms since it is explicit content. It’s possible that there isn’t a video of this Guinness record online.

When Sparks beat a previous woman’s record for 759 men in 2004, she shattered the record. While the record time was 24 hours, Lisa only needed 12 hours to provide the new statistics for 919 men.

According to the reports, she spent an average of 45 seconds talking to each man in her bid to break the Guinness world record.


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