Who Is Noze Wayb? How Much Is Her Net Worth?


Dancer Noze Wayb is well-known for her stunning appearance. Here is all the information you require regarding the Noze Wayb. After serving as Kai’s backup dancer, Noze began to gain attention. She is being admired online because of her aura of an idol.

She is a member of the Street Woman Fighter and the dance group “WAYB,” along with Anso, Dola, Leesa, and Gyurian. She gained notoriety for her celebrity looks before being identified as an SWF contender.

Who Is Noze Wayb? Age And Real Name

On February 12, 1996, Noze Wayb was born. She will be 25 years old in 2021 and a member of the Aquarius zodiac. She has Korean nationality, is 165 cm tall, and was born and reared in Korea.

Her stage name is Noze, but her actual name is Jihye. She has appeared in many videos backing up EXO members Kai and Shinee. She is currently a street women fighter competitor. She already had a large following and went viral for her appearance. Her fan base has only grown due to her appearance on the show.

Noze Wayb – Meet The Dancer On Instagram

On Instagram, Noze is active. @nozeworld is her Instagram username. 956k people follow her on her account. Noze is a dancer who is presently a member of the team WAYB, according to her Instagram bio. In Seoul, South Korea, she resides. She appears to be using her social media accounts more frequently than before. Additionally, she has uploaded dance videos on her account. Noze has become well-known for her dance and appearance in a short period.

Noze Wayb Age
Noze Wayb Age

Is Noze Wayb On Wikipedia?

Despite her growing fame, Noze lacks a Wikipedia of her own. However, she is listed on the Street Woman Fighter Wikipedia page. The competition for female dance troops is held as part of the program.

The program debuted in 2021 thanks to Mnet. Noze is renowned for spreading quickly. People are enthralled by her idol-like aura even when she appears on the television program. She has more attention now than ever because of her recent conflict with the YGX. Noze’s performance in the intense competition with a YGX crew member impressed her supporters.

The crowd was nonetheless interested in the performance even though YGX had won the war. Noze has not yet disclosed her romantic situation. We’re not sure if she’s single or dating someone right now. Nevertheless, she appears to be concentrating on her job based on her social media. Given that, it’s possible that she is single and not searching for a relationship.

What Is Noze Wayb‘s Net Worth?

Professional dancer, social media influencer, and TV personality Noze. However, she also belongs to the dance crew “WayB,” from which her stage name was taken. Additionally, she has a degree in dance and has been dancing for a very long period. There is little doubt that she earns a respectable income from her profession. Based on specific web sources, her estimated net worth in 2021 is about $500,000.

Noze Wayb SWF Episode

The first mission continues with a conflict between Noze, the leader of the WAYB, and Rian, a LA CHICA member. Since YGX and CocaNButter had the same number of victories in the final standings, the tiebreaker battle between YGX leader Leejung and CocaNButter’s Vicki decided who would win the first mission. As a reward, they were granted access to the penthouse.

Each leader would choose five dancers, including themselves, to represent their crew in each rank for the second task, the Rank Mission (Leader Rank, Second Rank, Sub Rank,[a] Assist Rank). Only one principal dancer in each rank, chosen by the judges, will perform; the remainder will serve as backup dancers.


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To be used in the primary dancer evaluation, each rank member created a short choreography that was then voted on by the rank members. The Assist Rank, where PROWDMON’s HYEILY was chosen, is where the primary dancer evaluation starts. The assessment for the Leader Rank, in which WAYB’s NOZE is picked, concludes the episode.


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