Who Is Parker McCollum? How Much Is His Net Worth?


On June 15, 1992, Parker McCollum was born in Conroe, Texas. American singer-songwriter Parker McCollum initially gained notoriety in 2015 following the publication of his debut album The Limestone Kid. Then, in 2017, he published Probably Wrong, his second album, which had previously been available as two separate EPs.

The Limestone Kid, Lloyd Maines’ debut album, features pedal steel guitar. He took violin lessons in elementary school and played in the ensemble there. Parker McCollum was born in Conroe, Texas, on June 15, 1992. He is one of the most well-known celebrities born in a Texas city. One of the wealthiest pop singers, he.

Who Is Parker McCollum?

American country music performer and songwriter Parker Yancey McCollum. He is PYM Music’s owner. When his two EPs “Probably Wrong: Session 1 and Session 2” debuted on the Billboard charts in 2017, he first gained notoriety. The Limestone Kid, Parker’s debut album, was published in 2015. Austin, Texas, is where he is based.

McCollum has recently seen some incredible success with songs like “Pretty Heart,” “Young Man’s Blues,” “Meet You In The Middle,” and others. Undoubtedly one of his most famous songs is “To Be Loved By You.” This song won Parker the CMT Award for 2022. On Spotify, he receives more than 28 million monthly listeners.

Parker Mccollum
Parker Mccollum

How Much Is Parker McCollum’s Net Worth?

There is no denying that Parker McCollum’s record sales, which have amassed over 350 million streams across various platforms, have significantly increased his net worth (via UMG Nashville).

He became well-known thanks to his 2017 album Probably Wrong, which peaked at No. 6 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and folk and indie charts (via All Music). The “Young Man’s Blues” singer’s success is further cemented by his publishing deal with Warner/Chappell and prominent label status.

McCollum has recently released singles including 2020’s “Hollywood Gold,” which has received millions of plays. His “Pretty Heart” video has received more than 21 million streams. So what is the star of country music worth? The singer’s album sales, numerous live performances, and songwriting royalties total between $1 and $5 million.

Parker McCollum Early Life

In Conroe, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Parker McCollum was born in 1992 and reared there. Early in his life, he listened to traditional country artists like Willie Nelson, Buck Owens, and Porter Wagoner. His family also introduced him to red dirt artists like Chris Knight, Pat Green, and Cross Canadian Ragweed. McCollum was further instructed by musicians like Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle while working summers on a cattle ranch with his grandfather.

McCollum has referred to George Strait, a fellow Texan, and pioneer of neotraditional country music, as his musical hero and has performed covers of several of Strait’s songs. McCollum began studying the guitar at the age of thirteen and began playing the violin in primary school, where he also played in the school orchestra. At thirteen, he started writing his songs, fusing indie rock, Americana, and Texas country music.

Parker McCollum Music Career

Singles and A Red Town View

While residing in Austin, McCollum continued to give performances as a singer-songwriter and embarked on his first tour with the Texas band Six Market Blvd. His first track, “Highway,” published on June 5, 2013, and later included on his first EP, A Red Town View was influenced by the tour. The EP was produced by Corby Schaub, formerly Ryan Bingham’s guitarist, and was released on November 19, 2013.


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The Limestone Kid 

The Limestone Kid, McCollum’s debut album, was recorded at Cedar Creek Recording in Austin and featured folk-rock, Americana, and Texas country music elements. The Austin-based backup band of McCollum includes Kurt Green on lead guitar, Jason Newberry on bass, Will Hoback on drums, Charlie Magnone on keyboards and harmonica in addition to his vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica. The record was created by multi-instrumentalist Corby Schaub. The pedal steel guitar was donated by Lloyd Maines.


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