Is Drew Carey Married Now? Who Is His First Girlfriend?

The name Drew Carey is well-known in the comedic community. Drew is the youngest son in the Carey family, having been born on May 23, 1958. He grew raised in Old Brooklyn alongside his brothers, Neil and Roger. Drew’s academic performance was lacking; as a result, Kent State University had to expel him twice.

Drew has had a gift for making people laugh since he was a little child. After playing in numerous stand-up shows, he received recognition from the television reps who offered him jobs in TV shows and series. The 62-year-old rose the ladder of prominence gradually and methodically, becoming the gigantic personality we are familiar with today.

Many people are interested in learning about the marriage of American actor, comedian, and game show presenter Drew Carey. This is the article we’ll be looking at. Whether Drew Carey is married or not, and all the information about him.

Who Is Drew Carey’s First Girlfriend?

Is Drew Carey Married
Is Drew Carey Married

The ex-girlfriend of Drew Carey, Nicole Jaracz, was his first love. Since 2005, the relationship between the two people has been going strong. Consequently, they declared their engagement in 2007.

His ex-girlfriend was a divorcee and a chef at the time. Additionally, she had a son. Still, Drew wanted to be her child’s father figure, and they continued their connection.

Before their relationship ended abruptly, everything was going smoothly. Unfortunately, the pair decided to break up their engagement in 2012. Additionally, it has not been made public why they broke up.

Are Amie Nicole Harwick And Drew Engaged, Right?

Drew entered into a new relationship with Amie Harwick shortly after ending things with his first girlfriend. In 2017, the couple started dating after getting to know one another.

After a few months, they announced their engagement. They didn’t waste any time publicly giving their attention because they were deeply in love. It was a short union, though, as the two parted ways in 2018. Consequently, they canceled their engagement as well.

There is no information about Drew and his ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him. Nevertheless, it is evident that Drew still cares deeply about his former fiancée, Amie.

Is Drew Carey Married
Is Drew Carey Married

A picture of stand-up comedian Drew Carey and his former fiancee. Drew Carey, a well-known stand-up comedian, and his ex-fiancee Amie Ingrid Harwick

The Price Is Right production was also placed on hold the week following Amie Harwick’s passing because he was heartbroken when he learned of her death.

In her professional capacity, Amie worked as a sex therapist. She and Gareth Pursehouse were having relationship problems. According to reports, Gareth strangled the woman before dumping Amie off their Hollywood Hills condo. In February 2020, there was this incident.

Is Drew Carey Married Now?

While Drew is career success, the same cannot be said about his romantic life. In actuality, The Price Is Right’s celebrity host has been incredibly close to tying the wedding but was unable to do so. Drew has two current engagements but hasn’t been able to get either of them married.

Drew has no plans to get involved with anyone, even now that he and Amie Harwick have broken up. The passage of time hasn’t ever helped Drew locate the right woman, either.

Drew cannot legally be married until he is 62 years old, which is a very remote possibility. Drew does not have a child either because he has never been married.

Are The Rumors About Drew Carey Being Gay True?


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People have assumed Drew is gay because he has been single for most of his career. Concerns grew that Drew might not be straight following two unsuccessful engagements with two stunningly attractive women. People started to speculate that Drew might be gay since they were curious why a multi-millionaire in his sixties was still an eligible bachelor. There hasn’t been any proof to support the claim that the popular comic has a thing for guys.

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