After Divorce, John Mulaney Quickly Moved On – With Olivia Munn!

Comedian John Mulaney and his wife, Anna Marie Tendler, announced their separation in May 2021 after six years of marriage. John decided to dissolve their marriage.

The former cast member of Saturday Night Live started dating actress Olivia Munn in the same month. When he disclosed in September 2021 that he and Olivia had a child together, they were even more shocked than they already were by how swiftly he moved on.

Malcolm Hip Mulaney, their son, was born in November 2021; for those doing the arithmetic on this, Malcolm’s birth chronology does imply that he might have been conceived while John and Anna were still dating.

While John now seems to be enjoying being a father, his ex-wife is making her own family-planning decisions. Did Anna, however, always picture herself as a mother? Now let’s talk!

What Happened When John Mulaney And His Ex-wife Anna Marie Tenderler Divorced?

John had made jokes during his marriage to Anna about their lack of desire for children. “More than anyone in our lives, our real estate agent wanted us to have a child compared to everyone else in our family. She made frequent allusions to it. In his 2015 special The Comeback Kid, he joked that in every area we entered, she would say, “So this might be an office… or maybe a nursery.”

But given that John had a child a few months after he and Anna parted up, it seems possible that their decision to delay having children together was more unilateral.

John Mulaney Divorce
John Mulaney Divorce

Anna talked with Bazaar about her career and her new perspective on life after her divorce in January 2022. She emphasized that she has “always valued partnering above having children” for herself. She didn’t go into detail about if John thought the same thing.

She surprisingly revealed to the outlet that she also intended to freeze her eggs. There were things I had never even considered since that was a locked door. So now that it feels like less of a closed door, it’s something that I think about a lot,” she said, subtly implying that perhaps she had changed her mind. Six weeks or so before Anna revealed her photo of the injection, Anna’s interview with Bazaar was published.

The picture was probably taken during that time. It’s unclear whether considering her options for parenthood was influenced by seeing John become a father in front of the public in any way. John’s decision to dissolve their union is also a mystery. Two days before Anna posted the picture, John hosted SNL and bragged about his baby kid.

When Did They Officially Divorce?

John Mulaney’s divorce from ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler has been finalized. Documents acquired by TMZ indicate that the comedian’s divorce was finalized on January 6, 2022, roughly five months after he initially filed for dissolution.

This announcement comes only days after the former SNL cast member and his current girlfriend, Olivia Munn, quietly welcomed their son, Malcolm Hiep Mulaney. Tendler and Mulaney, who had been married for seven years, announced their separation in May 2021.

Dating for the first time in 2010, John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler got engaged in 2013. The couple exchanged vows on July 5, 2014, at the Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville, New York.

Understand Why John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tender Divorce?

After getting married, the pair was bombarded with inquiries about starting a family, but Mulaney wasn’t interested in having children. They stayed together for seven years, but in 2021 they struck a hard patch.

John Mulaney Divorce
John Mulaney Divorce

A breakup between Mulaney and Tendler was officially announced in May of 2021. The latter’s return after a stay in a treatment facility for a relapse into substance misuse was the impetus for the announcement.

The comedian’s lifelong battle with alcohol and drug addiction may have contributed to his divorce. He finally left rehab in 2021 after months of treatment, and shortly after, he began dating Olivia Munn.

After Divorce, John Mulaney Quickly Moved On – With Olivia Munn!

After Mulaney announced he had discovered a new love in the middle of heartbreak, the tone of social media discussion about him shifted significantly. Mulaney had started dating actress Olivia Munn, and their relationship drew a lot of curiosity. After it was announced that the duo, who had been friends for a long time, were expanding their friendship, the internet gasped.

Although shock now seems to be the predominant feeling when Mulaney and Munn are mentioned together, their relationship has existed for some time. The two have been friends for a while, and Munn has openly expressed how much she values Mulaney.

Before he and Tendler had legally wed, the actress reportedly wanted to get to know Mulaney in the early 2010s. Both Mulaney and Munn were invited to Seth Meyers’ wedding by their mutual buddy, and Munn got along well with Mulaney. Munn asked him, “Do you and your fiancée want to go and have dinner or whatever and hang out?” she later stated how she wanted to be friends and get to know him.

As Mulaney goes forward, things seem to be amicable between him and his ex-wife. In the divorce statement from the former marriage, Annamarie was adamant about letting fans and supporters know that she intends to continue to be involved in John Mulaney’s life as he adjusts to life after treatment. If Mulaney discusses the facts of his divorce in later stand-up performance, only time will tell.

Did Olivia Munn And John Mulaney Have A Child Together?

We share your shock! John Mulaney and Olivia Munn announced they were expecting their first child together just a few months into their relationship. Mulaney had previously stated that he didn’t want children, so this caught fans off guard and caused misunderstandings.

Although everyone has moments of indecision, the rapid change in opinion has bewildered some supporters. Munn said she has had a few laughs along the way and is quite “happy” about the pregnancy. What does Annamarie Tendler make of the actress’ admission that “oversized sweatpants” are the only thing her growing baby belly allows her to wear?

After appearing in public for the first time since her breakup with John, Annamarie was asked about the recent developments. Although she didn’t directly respond, a source close to Tendler revealed that she is undoubtedly finding it challenging to process the information, and we don’t blame her at all.

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