Who Is Aaron Rodgers Dating Now? Know About Relationship TimeLine!

Who Is Aaron Rodgers Dating Now: The entire world was taken aback when Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley announced their engagement in February 2021. The Green Bay Packers quarterback referred to Woodley as his “fiancée” in his 2021 NFL MVP award speech, just days after numerous sources told PEOPLE that he and the Divergent actor were dating.

A few weeks later, Woodley announced her engagement on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, saying she never imagined she’d marry someone who “throws balls for a career.”

Months after each terminated the long-term partnership, the couple’s affair became public knowledge. After two years of dating, Rodgers and former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick announced their breakup in July 2020, while Woodley revealed her split from rugby player Ben Volavola in an interview with The New York Times in April 2020.

Although Woodley and Rodgers’ relationship started quietly, they have experienced many public ups and downs, including breaking off their engagement. Here is a detailed history of Rodgers and Woodley’s relationship, from their brief courtship through their unexpected meeting to their separation and potential reconciliation.

Aaron Rodgers And Shailene Woodley Are Dating!

PEOPLE received confirmation from numerous sources that Rodgers and Woodley were dating around the beginning of February 2021. One insider claimed that Rodgers appeared content with the Descendants actress, while another claimed that the connection was only “casual.”

Who Is Aaron Rodgers Dating Now
Who Is Aaron Rodgers Dating Now

Rodgers gushed about having an affair on The Pat McAfee Show in September 2020. However, it’s unclear when their relationship began, “added, “I’ve made decisions, changes, and habits that put me in a lot better headspace, and there’s just a lot of things that have come together in my life over the last few months that have been enjoyable.

Love is the foundation of why I have so much joy. Afterward, surround yourself with people who share your interests.”

Aaron Rodgers Announces His Engagement To Shailene Woodley

In his statement of acceptance after being named the 2020 NFL MVP, Rodgers praised his “fiancée” and declared his meeting. At the time, Rodgers commented, “It’s an honor to earn this award for the third time. “2020 was undoubtedly a chaotic year full of transformation and growth, as well as some extraordinary events.

My nose hair was scraped for 180 straight days while I played in front of few or no spectators for the entire season.” “I got engaged,” came the big mic-drop moment. He concluded by expressing gratitude to his colleagues, coaches, “fiancée,” and Jodie Foster (who would subsequently deny setting them up).

Two days later, the engagement was announced by PEOPLE, with a source close to the pair joking, “They like their relationship a lot. It makes sense that he would propose so quickly. Right, you know when you know?”

Insiders Say They Were Surprised At The Couple’s Speedy Romance

According to sources close to the pair, they were surprised by how quickly Rodgers and Woodley’s relationship developed into something serious and that Rodgers hadn’t been alone for very long after his breakup with Patrick.

The fact that they got so close so soon surprised Rodgers, a person close to him told PEOPLE. “It seemed like he was dating Danica Patrick one day and then Shailene the next. It happened quickly.” The insider continued by saying that because of how quickly things developed, some people believed Woodley was a “rebound.”

The person claimed there was no possibility that something this dangerous could be. Even though it was not every day, “everyone assumed it was a casual thing because that’s what he was telling everyone.” Another insider told people that those close to the quarterback never anticipated his descent to ruin so rapidly.

The insider said, “This isn’t at all like Aaron. “He approaches everything so methodically in general. He may be romantic, but he also gives things some thought. He is logical. He takes great care. Especially considering how things ended with Danica Patrick, he didn’t seem like the type to take things so seriously after only a few months of dating.”

The source added that Woodley could see Rodger’s happiness. He appears to be highly content, the person said. “They appear to be content and at peace. It’s pleasant to watch.”

Shailene Woodley Says She And Aaron Rodgers Have Been Engaged “For A While”

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in late February 2021, Woodley exposed her engagement ring for the first time and explained that while her and Rodgers’ romance was news to many, it wasn’t that recent.

“We are indeed married. We are a couple, “She spoke. “You know, it’s hardly brand-new information for us. In that case, it’s amusing. Yes, we have been engaged for a while, but everyone is currently freaking out.”

Rodgers is “just a fantastic, incredible human being,” the actress continued, adding that she never thought she’d marry a football player but was delighted nonetheless.

Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About The Engagement And Hints At Wanting To Start A Family!

Early in March 2021, Rodgers and Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith Watches, spoke on Instagram Live about their engagement.

He remarked, “I recently got engaged, so I’ve enjoyed that aspect of my life. The best thing that has undoubtedly happened to me in the past year is that. Rodgers said that he was eager to begin a family someday. Being a father will be “[my] next great task,” he added, adding that most of his friends his age are parents.


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But he clarified that fatherhood “Might not be happening soon, but it’s something I look forward to, and it will be a significant challenge. I’m looking forward to someday taking care of another life.

I anticipate it to be a lot of fun. I’ve imagined it in my dreams, and whenever it appears, I’m eager to read that chapter.” Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website, Newswatchlist.com, for the most recent news.

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