Dr. Cline Still Married? How Many Kids Does He Have?

Dr Cline Still Married: Donald Cline was a well-known former reproductive doctor who appeared in his documentary “Our Father.” This article will explain Dr Cline is Still Married, so read it thoroughly to find out if Dr Cline is still married.

Who Is Donald Cline?

Donald Cline is a former fertility specialist who worked in the Indianapolis area. Donald Cline has been named the top doctor in Indianapolis numerous times throughout their career. Donald also exchanged donor sperm, which he intended to use to inseminate patients.

This led to Cline fathering more than 50 children between 1979 and 1986. In addition, Our Father follows Jacoba Ballard as she discovers scores of half-siblings whose mothers visited Cline’s Fertility Clinic.

Is Dr. Cline Still Married?

Dr. Cline’s wife’s name is Audrey Susie. She changed her name to Susie Cline after marrying Donald Cline. Her husband, Donald Cline, also provided her with gynecological care.

Dr Cline Still Married
Dr Cline is Still Married

Donald Cline was previously charged with inseminating his sperm to his patients. Audrey Susie was not in Our Father. Donald stated that if Audrey learned of the incident, she would leave him.

How Many Kids Does Dr. Cline Have?

Donna and Doug are the names of Dr. Donald Cline’s two children with his wife, Susie. Donna Stein, his oldest daughter, worked as a Registered Nurse with her father at Cline’s clinic. But then Our Father discloses that throughout the filming, Cline fathered nearly 94 children with his patients. It is also feasible that there are additional half-siblings.

What Is Dr. Donald Cline’s Age?

Dr. Donald Cline was born in Indiana, United States, in 1937. Donald Cline is now 84 years old. His ancestry is White. He is an American because he was born in the United States. There is no mention of his parents anywhere. The information on his siblings is similarly unavailable.

Our Father is Based on Dr. Donald Cline

The Netflix documentary “Our Father,” which will be published on May 11, 2022, is based on Dr. Donald Cline and his acts as a fertility specialist. Jacoba Ballard discovered through DNA tests that Cline was her father and that she had multiple siblings.

Ballard and Fox59 reporter Angela Ganote were the first to break the story. As the story progressed, it was discovered that Dr. Cline had more than 90 illegal children. Cline had been using his sperm to artificially inseminate women at his fertility clinic, fathering nearly a hundred children.

Where is Donald Cline Now?

Dr. Donald Cline was confirmed to live in his Indiana home with his family in 2019. Even though his earlier actions had been revealed, he faced a year of probation. His license was also suspended. However, this was after he retired in 2009.

Donald Cline avoided jail time and had to pay a $500 fine. Furthermore, Jacoba Ballard, who realized Cline was her father and appeared in the documentary Our Father, told The Guardian:

How Did Dr. Donald Cline Start His Career?

Donald Cline was so good at his job that he became known as the first person in India to do laparoscopic surgery. He was also a keynote speaker at the International Symposium for Infertility in Bologna, Italy.

Donal Cline has been named the top doctor in Indianapolis numerous times during his career. He never perceives time while treating his patients, whether day or night and continues to serve them and answer their calls even at night. Donald has always handled his patients with kindness.

When Jacoba Ballard, the daughter of a former Dr. Cline patient, studied the results of her at-home DNA test in 2014, she discovered a biological link to seven previously unknown half-siblings.

Cline, her mother’s fertility doctor, was eventually identified as her biological father through genetic genealogy research. Cline has now been shown to have secretly fathered at least 94 children.

Ballard filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General, who launched an investigation in 2015. Then, Indiana Attorney General Tim Delaney declined to file charges because “no law prohibited Cline’s conduct.” Ballard then sought media attention. Angela Ganote of Fox59 examined her story.

Ganote discovered throughout her inquiry that Cline had misled the attorney general’s office during their probe. According to documents, he told investigators, “I can firmly state that I never used my material for insemination, nor was I a donor.”

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