Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive? Where Is He Now?

Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive: Smokey Nagato is a Japanese automobile engineer. He is the Top Secret Company’s creator, and many wonder if Smokey Nagata is still alive. Follow us in this post to find out if Smokey Nagata is still alive and to learn more about him.

Who Is Smokey Nagata?

Smokey is a Japanese automobile engineer. Top Secret Company Limited’s CEO and founder are. When he was detained in the United Kingdom in 1999, he became well-known in the media. The police had charged him with driving at 197 mph.

He was driving his MK4 Toyota Supra through some English wetlands. So Nagata spent a day in prison. He paid a 190£ fine (pounds). In addition, he was barred from driving for 28 days.

Is Smokey Nagata Dead?

There was a widespread belief that Nagata died from speeding in his car. But that was only a rumor, incorrect information. Even today, the Engineer is preoccupied with his career in Japan. Despite the death rumors, he remains healthy and engaged in his engineering job.

Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive
Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive

He is one of Japan’s car mechanic rebels. Kazuhiko Nagata, often known as Smokey Nagata, is a Japanese car engineer born in Hokkaido in 1964.

Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive?

Smokey Nagata is not dead; he is alive. He has 57 years of age. He is well-known for his fast driving. His vehicles are mostly tuned for pro-level drifting and circuit racing. In truth, the Engineer has minor hearing issues.

He started his job as an auto technician at a nearby Toyota dealership. He was a top vehicle architect with his automotive firm.

Smokey Nagata Arrest

Smokey Nagata pinned the throttle and lowered the clutch on November 4, 1998, near 4 a.m. As a result, he generated a massive burnout in the middle of the road. He blew a lot of tire smoke as he hit 200mph in his modified 1003bhp Japanese-registered gold-painted Toyota Supra.

He made various attempts, but they were futile, resulting in a speed of 194mph. It was a harrowing drive on the UK’s public highway. Before fleeing to Japan, the UK Police pursued him and detained him.

What Is Nagato’s Net worth?

Smokey’s net worth remains unknown. He makes a good living from his business. He earns a nice living from his profession. He enjoys a steady cash flow due to the sponsors he obtains for his firm. On his own, he owns a fantastic collection of cars.

Where Is Smokey Nagata Now?

More than 20 years later, Smokey Nagata’s nearly 200mph lap on the A1(M) remains the fastest speed attained on a British freeway. Even though breaching the law is severe enough, the record will stand because no other vehicle tuner can compete with Smokey Nagata’s abilities.

When Smokey was arrested, he assumed that was the end of the story, but it turned out to be a PR stunt to advertise Top Secret overseas. He didn’t find out until he landed in Japan that his attempt at A1 had already gone viral, receiving the type of attention he had hoped for. The news spread rapidly and widely that an Emirati Prince subsequently purchased Smokey’s Supra.


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After the Emirati Prince purchased the first Supra in 1998, Smokey customized another. He used a 5.0L V-12 from a Toyota Century to send cooling air through the trunk, two HKS GT2540 Turbos, and his Top Secret body package. His purpose in developing this vehicle was to see if it could exceed 400 kilometers per hour (about 249 miles per hour).

After a failed attempt at the Nardo Ring in Italy, where he achieved 358kph, Smokey returned to the Aqua line (or 222mph). However, it only hit 370 kph (229 mph), falling shy of the 400 kph target speed (249 mph).

It was auctioned off and sold in 2017. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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