What Is The Nationality of John Legend’s Parents?

John Legend: On December 28, 1978, in Springfield, Ohio, John Roger Stephens entered the world. The four children of Phyllis and Ronald, his parents, included him. His mother worked as a seamstress and choir director, so she could sing and lead the congregation in song. His dad was a percussionist, and he worked for International Harvester. Here’s a look at John Legend Nationality Parents.

His grandmother served as the organist for their church. At four, John was already singing in the church choir. His education consisted entirely of home lessons. When he was seven, he started taking piano lessons. Due to his intelligence, Legend could go ahead in school by two classes.

Where Did John Legend Grow Up?

At age 12, he enrolled at Springfield North High School, and four years later, at age 16, he graduated as the school’s valedictorian. Legend was accepted to four universities, including Harvard, Morehouse, Penn, and Georgetown. In other words, he went to the University of Pennsylvania.

While at Penn, Legend served as the group’s musical director for The Counterparts, coed jazz and pop a cappella group. Their cover of “One of Us” by Joan Osbourne was featured in the 1988 Best of Collegiate, a Cappella CD.

After meeting in college, Lauryn Hill enlisted John Legend to play the piano on “Everything is Everything,” a track from her groundbreaking album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. In 1999, Legend earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania with honors in African-American literature.

What Is The Nationality of John Legend’s Parents?

John Legend Nationality Parents
John Legend Nationality Parents

Singer John Legend is a racially and culturally diverse mix of ancestries. The U.S. is in John Legend’s hands. John Roger Stephens, better known as John Legend, is the son of Phyllis Stephens and Ronald Stephens. The 42-year-old man’s parents split up when he was young, but they reconnected 12 years later.

Later, Ronald remarried a woman named Deidre Hamlar, and the couple divorced again. At International Harvester, where he worked, Ronald was a factory worker and avid drummer in his spare time. His mother, Phyllis, was a talented quilter, seamstress, and choir singer. Ronald is currently the proprietor of Pop Topz, a hat manufacturing firm.

What Did John Legend Say About His Mom?

In 2019, Legend discussed the tensions in his relationship with his mother in an interview with Radar Online. In Legend’s formative years, Phyllis was reportedly imprisoned multiple times for theft, drug usage, and solicitation and spent some time behind bars.

The musician wrote an essay for Time about his mother’s disappearance from his life, saying, “As a youngster growing up in Ohio, I witnessed my mother disappear into more than a decade of drugs and sorrow after the death of my maternal grandmother.”

My mother’s addiction ruined not only her life but also mine and the lives of my siblings and father. He continued, “For anyone who doubts it, drug addiction is a significant problem, and our society is correct to want to try to fight it.

But our approach has been all incorrect. My mother didn’t require punishment; she needed assistance,” he continued. Punishing those who use drugs simply further breaks up already fractured households.

Legend recently told People magazine that he and his mother have reconciled and that she frequently visits with her grandchildren. It’s important to her to spend time with the kids, and she also enjoys coming to see me at The Voice, he said. The kids have helped bring us closer together. When you’re older, though, you have to forgive as well. Right now, everything is going great.

How Much Money Does John Legend Have?

John Legend is an American musician who works in film and television and gives back to his community. Some estimates put John Legend’s wealth at around $100 million. This includes his combined wealth with his wife of five years, supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

While John has been the primary source of the couple’s riches, Chrissy has been bringing in at least $10 million annually since 2018, thanks to her work in the fashion and entertainment industries and endorsement deals. Please tell your friends about this if you think it’s interesting. Go to Newswatchlist.com for the latest updates and news about celebrities.

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