Is Tyrus Married? Does He Have Children?

Is Tyrus Married: George Murdoch, also known as Tyrus, Brodus Clay, and other ring aliases, may be well-known. In addition to his boxing career, Tyrus (George), a professional American wrestler now signed to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), has contributed to several Fox News Channel programs, including “The Greg Gutfeld Show.”

Is Tyrus Married?

American professional wrestler Tyrus is presently the NWA World Television Champion and is affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance. He is married and the most outstanding wrestler of all time.

He is romantically involved with Ingrid Rinck. Even though Tyrus has two other children from a prior relationship, the couple is blessed with a daughter. To learn more about this wrestler’s personal life and other professional accomplishments, continue reading the article.

Who Is Tyrus’ Wife?

In addition to being married, Tyrus is in a relationship with Ingrid Rinck. In addition to Tyrus’s two other children from previous marriages, the couple also has a daughter. Ingrid Rinck gained notoriety after it was revealed that she was a famous person’s wife. She started her own business after high school but could not complete her education.

Is Tyrus Married
Is Tyrus Married

She justified it by saying that she needed to be able to take care of her kids. She had to stay put as a result. Although she is the mother of three children, she has not yet provided any information about her family, way of life, or kids.

What Is Tyrus’ Net Worth?

Tyrus is a talented wrestler, political broadcaster, and entertainer from the United States who has $2 million. He is most known for his work as Brodus Clay, a wrestler in the WWE. In February 1973, Tyrus was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2016, he began appearing on The Greg Gutfeld Show on the Fox News Channel.

Tyrus also served as the host of the Fox Nation TV episodes Un-PC and Nuff Said. Tyrus also made appearances in the movies Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery and Supercon, as well as the film No One Lives. Additionally, he has made guest appearances on episodes of Total Divas, Outnumbered, Fox & Friends, GLOW, MacGyver, and other shows.

What Is Tyrus’ Ethnicity?

Murdoch has a black father and a white mother, making him biracial. When he was born, his mother was 15 years old. His father was 19 years old. Murdoch recounted a childhood incident in which his abusive father hit him in the eye, prompting his mother to break up with him in 2018.

When Murdoch’s mother revisited her parents, he and his brother, according to Murdoch, were not welcomed because their father was black. Murdoch claims that he and his brother spent several years being raised by a foster family and that during that time, he became “obsessed” with altering his skin tone to connect with his real family.

Who Is Tyrus?

Tyrus is the ring name and stage name of American professional wrestler George Murdoch (born February 21, 1973). He is a National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) signed wrestler who has previously held the title of NWA World Television Champion. He had competed for WWE and Impact Wrestling as Tyrus and Brodus Clay, respectively.

In the fourth season, after training in the company’s farm territories Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship, Murdoch made his debut on WWE NXT. In this WWE television program, numerous newcomers were paired with WWE wrestlers as mentors Wrestling.

He made his main roster debut protecting Alberto Del Rio. WWE modified his persona in 2012 to The Funkusaurus, a funk dancer under the direction of Naomi and Cameron, the Funkydactyls. Until his exit from the WWE in 2014, he was involved in many storylines and feuds.

He teamed up with Lord Tensai for a spell and went unbeaten until turning against them. Tyrus was Murdoch’s ring name while he competed in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from 2014 until 2017. He started working with NWA in 2021, where he went on to win the NWA World Television Championship.

What Is Tyrus’ Height?

Tyrus, a professional wrestler, actor, and conservative political commentator, were born on February 21, 1973, in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. Tyrus is 47 and 6 feet 7 inches tall (201.0 cm). Here is a list of the movies in which he appeared.

Does Tyrus Have Children?

Tyrus, a Fox News analyst and professional wrestler, is the father of five kids: a boy and a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, two step-sons, and one with his wife, Ingrid Rinck. Before Tyrus met him, Ingrid, his wife, had already given birth to their two kids.


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Her second son, Rock, was born after her first son, Rhett, was born first. On May 7, 2014, Georgia Jane, a baby girl, was also conducted to Tyrus and his wife, Ingrid. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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