Was Art Laboe Married? When Was He Die?

Art Laboe: Art Laboe, an iconic American DJ, died at 97. The term “oldies but goodies” was first used by DJ Art Laboe. In addition to his early career as a disc jockey, Art Laboe became a musician, songwriter, record producer, and radio station owner. During World War II, Art Laboe got his start in radio at KSAN while he was stationed on Treasure Island outside of San Francisco. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Was Art Laboe Married?

On October 7th, 2022, Art Laboe passed away surrounded by loved ones. Art Laboe passed away at the age of 97 due to pneumonia. On October 7th, 2022, he passed away at his house in Psalm Springs.

When And Where Was Art Laboe Born And Raised?

Art Laboe was born on August 7, 1925, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to parents who had emigrated from Armenia. They were incredibly close, but no one knew his parents’ names. After moving to Los Angeles with his family when he was a teenager, he became intensely focused on his future. There he learned about the many options available to him in the world.

When Art Laboe passed away, he had a fortune that paled in comparison to what he was worth now. He graduated from Washington High School when he was 16 years old. The United States Navy hired him shortly after he graduated, though.

At first, he served out of the San Francisco Bay area’s Treasure Island Naval Station. At Los Angeles City College, San Mateo Junior College, and eventually Stanford University, Art studied radio engineering because he knew he could succeed.

Was Art Laboe Married?

Was Art Laboe Married
Was Art Laboe Married

Although Art Laboe was not considered married at his death, he had been married twice. Art Laboe’s two prior marriages both ended in divorce. For his part, Art Laboe was a very private man. He was pretty private about his relationship with his wife.

How Did Art Laboe Start His Career?

While stationed at Treasure Island, Laboe made his radio debut in 1943 on KSAN in San Francisco. Since the station had to reduce its workforce to meet wartime needs, he was able to land the position thanks to his first-class radiotelephone license.

During this time, he adopted the surname “Laboe,” a shortened version of the name of the station manager’s secretary, since he thought it “sounded catchier” and “more American.” In the hours leading up to the station’s midnight sign-off, he was permitted to play big band and jazz records, and he later encouraged his listeners to write in with song suggestions.

Since live telephone broadcasting was not yet possible, Laboe had to recite his callers’ comments into his microphone after they had been repeated to him. Laboe relocated back to the Sunshine State and landed a job at KCMJ in Palm Springs. After hosting a “120-hour talkathon” for charity in February 1948, he became known as “As Long as He Lasts” as part of a publicity ploy.

He wouldn’t let himself sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time. After a while, he moved back to LA and started working at KPOP. Laboe had the bright idea to take his show on the road while working at KPOP and start broadcasting live from the Scrivner’s Drive-In at the corner of Cahuenga and Sunset.


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Kids their age would hang out at the drive-in and dedicate songs live on the air. Laboe started compiling a chart of the most requested tunes. People who had recently broken up would phone and beg him to play love songs to help them woo their ex-partners back. Laboe discovered a promoter and a ballroom to the east of Los Angeles, and the El Monte dance hall was born as the venue gained popularity.

His live radio show was airing, so he had listeners and a list of what they wanted to hear. He started working on an album based on the concept, which he eventually dubbed “Oldies But Goodies” (a word he later patented).

Laboe started his record company, Original Sound Records, in 1959 to showcase up-and-coming musicians. Two instrumentals, “Teen Beat” by Sandy Nelson and “Bongo Rock” by Preston Epps, were released on the label in 1959 and became massive hits. Each song was co-written by Laboe and him alone. Several years later, he relocated to KXLA, eventually becoming KRLA. Laboe was an employee at KGGI radio in the ’90s.

When Was Art Laboe Die?

On October 7, 2022, at the age of 97, Laboe passed away from pneumonia. His last show was taped on October 6 and aired on October 9. Please share this with your friends if you find it interesting. Visit Newswatchlist.com for more celebrity updates and breaking news.

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