Who Is Deontay Wilder, Daughter? Who Was His Wife?

Deontay Wilder: On October 22, 1985, Deontay Wilder was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He graduated in 2004 from Tuscaloosa Central High School, where he was a student. He had a desire to play basketball or football at The University of Alabama when he was in high school. He had a daughter in 2005 with his partner, Helen Duncan. Due to her health concerns and Spina Bifida, their daughter could not attend The University of Alabama. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Deontay Wilder, Daughter.

Where Did Deontay Wilder Grow Up?

He chose to attend Shelton State Community College to be near his daughter. Deontay was forced to abandon his aspirations to play football and basketball at a division 1 institution. He briefly fell into profound despair and thought about killing himself, as he later admitted:

“You don’t think about what effect it would cause for your family, your daughter, your kids, and so forth and so on… In that state of mind, you just become selfish. You think of the inner and outer pain you’re feeling right at that very moment.”

When he emerged from the depression, he decided to give up on playing basketball and football in favor of boxing. Amazingly, he didn’t start boxing training until he was 20. Two years later, he shocked the boxing world by winning the US Championships and the National Golden Gloves. He later won a Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The amateur record held by Wilder was roughly 30-5.

Who Is Deontay Wilder, Daughter?

Deontay Wilder Daughter
Deontay Wilder Daughter

The parents of Naieya Wilder are Deonaty Wilder and Helen Duncan. Her birthday is March 20, 2005. She is currently 17 years old and has significantly influenced her father, Wilder’s, professional and personal life. Spina bifida, a birth defect, left physicians predicting that Naieya would never walk in her life.

Contrary to what her physicians predicted, the courageous Naieya grew up to face and overcome the challenges foretold for her at birth. In a previous interview, Wilder claimed that Naieya’s cognitive and motor skills belied the fact that she was born with a disease like spina bifida.

While still in her mother’s womb, Naieya resisted. Family and children are everything to Wilder. The most illuminating source of light for her father while he searches for a solution is Naieya. Naya is Wilder’s number-one fan in every way.

In Wilder’s opinion, no matter how knowledgeable a physician is or what he says, God alone has the last say on all issues. “If God has anything for you, it’s for you,” the Bible says. Nobody can rob you of that. Not a doctor. I couldn’t care less how long he spent in school learning his trade. God is ultimately in charge of everything.

After Naieya was born, Wilder even started working as a server and a driver at various locations to make ends meet. Without her, Wilder would hardly be boxing today. Let us know what you think about the father-daughter team.

Who Was Deontay Wilder’s Wife?

In total, Deontay is a father to eight little ones. He and his ex-wife, Jessica Scales-Wilder, have three children: a son and two girls. Deontay has recently proposed to Telli Swift, who gained fame on the reality show “WAGS Atlanta.” His younger brother Marsellos is also a boxer, and like him, he came from a boxing family.

How Much Money Does Deontay Wilder Have?

American heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder has a $30 million fortune. In 2015, Deontay first won the WBC heavyweight championship, which he retained for many years. The most extended period without an American heavyweight champion, nine years, was ended by him.

The most prominent payouts for Deontay were $2 million from the initial Luis Ortiz fight, $10 million from the initial Tyson Fury fight, $10 million for Dominic Breazeale, $20 million from the second Luis Ortiz fight, and $28 million from the second Tyson Fury fight. Deontay’s career earnings, including the Fury rematch in February 2020, exceed $70 million. Deontay made $45 million between June 2019 and June 2020.

How Did Deontay Wilder Start His Profession?

Deontay, then 23 years old, transitioned to professional boxing in November 2008. He scored a technical knockout victory in his debut. After that, he fought nine times in a single year, winning every one of them in the opening frame. Between 2009 and 2012, he notched up a 25-fight winning run. There was no need for a fifth-round in any of the victories.

His first significant professional bout happened on December 15, 2012, against Kelvin Price, who entered the fight with a record of 13 – 0. Deontay knocked Kelvin unconscious. From 2013 until late 2018, Deontay went undefeated, including significant victories over Audley Harrison, Jason Gavern, and Chris Arreola.

Deontay had Bermane Stiverne knocked out in the first round on November 4, 2017. He successfully defended his championship against Luis Ortiz on March 3, 2018, winning in the tenth round. As a result of this fight, he received a $2 million guarantee, the largest of his career. If you find this interesting, please forward it to your friends. Visit Newswatchlist.com for the most up-to-date and recent celebrity news.

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