Saiki K Characters
Saiki K Characters

Saiki K 12 Famous Characters: Know About Characters Wikipedia!

Saiki K Characters: Let’s get started, guys. In this article, I’ll list the top Saiki K characters ever created. We are all aware that Shichi As is the author of the Japanese comic series The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki is the main character of the anime series “Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan,” as you are undoubtedly aware if you are a fan of the show. He is psychic and can read people’s minds and erase their memories, which he performs to keep himself out of trouble.

1. Kusuo Saiki

One of the main characters in Saiki Kusuo no Nan, Kusuo Saiki, possesses a variety of psychic-related talents. He typically attempts to stay out of sticky situations.

Kusuo Saiki
Kusuo Saiki

He is frequently seen alone at the beginning of the series, but as it progresses, he eventually bonds with his classmates, especially Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou.

2. Kokomi Teruhashi

One of the main Saiki K characters in the show is Kokomi Teruhashi. She attends Saiki Kusuo’s class, and both men and women find her extremely attractive. When they see her, they frequently pause and turn to look at her. Hashimoto Kanna portrayed her in the series’ live-action movie.

3. Aiura Mikoto

Mikoto Aiura, also known as an oracle, soothsayer, and another, cares deeply about Kusuo’s welfare but constantly quarrels with Reita. Along with Reita and Touma, Mikoto is one of the few non-family persons aware of Kusuo’s abilities. She has a naive understanding of justice and enjoys using her talents for the greater good.

4. Reita Toritsuka

The second psychic character in the anime, Reita Toritsuka, is a Spirit Medium. Reita is a pervert who will do anything to win the hearts of women. He oversexualizes women’s bodies and pursues the women he finds attractive. He is one of Saiki K’s most well-known characters throughout history.

5. Chiyo Yumehara

One of the romantic and idealistic female characters, Chiyo Yumehara, has been through numerous heartbreaking relationships. As evidenced by her repeated attempts to get Kusuo to notice her before moving on to Takeru, Chiyo is a romantic girl who would do anything for love.

6. Aren Kuboyasu

One of the series’ main characters, Aren Kuboyasu, was portrayed by Kaku Kento in the live-action version of the show. He was a troublemaker in his previous school; only Kusuo, Shun, and Touma knew this.

Aren Kuboyasu
Aren Kuboyasu

7. Shun Kaidō

In middle school, Shun Kaidou was a loner who had no friends. Shun is classified as a chuunibyou by his peers. Additionally, he thinks that a Dark Organization called The Dark Reunion controls and maintains the planet and its events. one of the series’ primary protagonists.

8. Kineshi Hairo

One of the series’ key characters, Kineshi, was portrayed by Kasahara Hideyuki in a live-action series. He is a classmate of Kusuo’s and the role model for class 2. one of Saiki K’s most well-known characters throughout history. Although Kineshi is incredibly strong and resilient, Riki is far more so.

9. Riki Nendō

Riki Nendou is a trustworthy and dim-witted young man. He prioritizes the weak and wants to assist others. He is one of the most well-known Saiki K characters from the series, and Arai Hirofumi played him in the live-action version of the show.

Riki Nendō
Riki Nendō

10. Chisato Mera

A well-known Saiki K series character and Kusuo’s classmate is Chisato Mera. She is a part-time waitress at Cafe Mami. Chisato is a poor, unkempt, sorry, busy, mild-mannered, kind-hearted girl who frequently breaks dishes and might even eat her customers’ food.

11. Metori Saiko

The elite Saiko Conglomerate is the parent of Metori Saiko. Metori’s privileged upbringing and lifestyle prevent him from becoming egotistical or arrogant. Later, after falling in love with Kokomi while in the city, he transfers to PK Academy.

12. Takahashi

Takahashi is a pervert who enjoys watching ladies bathe. He claimed that Nendou Riki was the thief, but Saiki Kusuo utilized this information to make him feel bad, thwarting his objective.


Additionally, he bullies male and female people who make fun of him and encourages others to do the same. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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