Where Is The Maze In Royale High 2022? How To Complete The Maze In Royale High 2022?

The Royale High 2022 update has arrived and has a fair amount of fresh material. There are numerous Spooktober-themed products and activities in addition to the brand-new Witching Hour Halo. There is an enigmatic Moonlight Square, as well as many treasure chests. Our guide will show you where to find the Royale High Halloween 2022 maze and every chest in this update.

Where Is The Maze In Royale High 2022?

The best place to start if you want to find the maze in Royale High 2022 is at the spawn. Move past the fountain and in the direction of the Wickery Cliffs sign. After passing the sign, continue on the road until you get to the first pumpkin. To the right of the pumpkin is a dirt road. Make the first right after continuing down the gravel route. Above it, a cave opening with the words “Mt. Blackwood Caverns” will be visible. This is where the Royale High Halloween 2022 maze is supposed to start. Check out this TikTok video if you need extra visual assistance. An account on TikTok is not required. The video may be seen on your browser.

 Where Is The Maze In Royale High 2022?
Where Is The Maze In Royale High 2022?

How To Complete The Maze In Royale High 2022?

The legendary maze is the most intriguing and challenging aspect of the Royalloween 2022 upgrade. It’s difficult to describe how to find every Royal High Halloween 2022 maze chest. There are a few tricky spots where you should hug the wall to avoid going in the wrong direction. There is also a jumping section that many people find challenging. To make going up the border more manageable, keep in mind to utilize the delicate princess animation and a long skirt. If the movie embedded below is insufficiently instructive, feel free to view this one. The route to the last chest is longer, but it doesn’t require any climbing. Two thousand candies and Steampunk Aerotechnic Wings will be your reward. So let’s find out how to beat the reward chest in Royale High 2022 and complete the maze.

How to solve the maze in Royale High in 8 Steps in 2022

  1. Pick a speed (flying or walking).
  2. Visit Mount Blackwood Cavern by air or foot.
  3. Set the visuals to a lesser resolution and the brighter colors first.
  4. Step Left
  5. Spin wildly, jump, and land on the Green cave.
  6. Boost the Candle
  7. To exit the maze, descend and follow the Purple crystal.
  8. That’s all there is to it; that’s how you beat the maze in Royale High 2022. When you arrive at the end of the maze, you’ll win the prize chest and receive a winning badge for your profile.

Locations of Chests In Royale High For Halloween 2022

Let’s look at all the chest placements in the Royale High Royalloween 2022 upgrade now that we have the maze out of the way. There are a total of five chests, and the locations of each are listed below:

Location of the First Chest: The first chest is to the right of the spawning area, up against a wall.
Location of the Second Chest: From the spawn point, move to the right and ascend the stairs to find the second chest. Locate a different set of spiral stairs and mount them. Behind a set of doors, you’ll find the double wardrobe.
Location of the Third Chest: Turn right after continuing on the path from the second chest. There is a shed that you can see, and within is the third chest.
Fourth Chest Location: On the spawn level of Royale High, turn left after the preparation station to find it inside a brown house door.
Location of the Fifth Chest: Continue from the brown door house until you get to a green home. Turn right from that point. You’ll see the fifth chest on a stone platform surrounded by a circle of candles.

This is how the maze was finished in Royale High 2022. I sincerely hope this was helpful to you, and I also presume that you used the information in this article to successfully navigate the Royale High Halloween maze and win the prize chest. Seek out more stories similar to this one at Newswatchlist.com. Enjoy the Roblox Halloween fun while being careful.

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