Who Is Noah Thompson Wife? How Did He End Up On ‘American Idol’?

Noah Thompson Wife: Noah Thompson “aw, shucks” his way to victory on American Idol, in the words of Luke Bryan. On Sunday, May 22, the 19-year-old singer was named the winner of American Idol Season 20 after winning listeners with his raspy voice and humble demeanor. Noah frequently talked about his family, notably his gorgeous son, during the season. So, a lot of followers have been curious: is Noah Thompson married? This is what we do know.

Who Is Noah Thompson, And How Did He End Up On ‘American Idol’?

Noah traveled from his little Kentucky town of Louisa to compete on American Idol. Although he was employed in construction, his childhood ambition was to become a musician. But until his close friend Arthur made him sign up for an American Idol audition, he never honestly had the confidence to pursue it.

Noah revealed in his Texas audition before the judges, “We [were] putting sheetrock at work, and he told me he was going to sign me up for it.” “I tell them, “No, you’re not. He nevertheless carried it out. I would never have committed myself to something like this. Never have I felt that confident. Knowing that someone believes in you more than you do yourself is lovely.

“Giving You Up” by Kameron Marlowe served as Noah’s audition song. Noah received praise from judge Lionel Richie for having a “bada** storytelling voice,” while Luke Bryan was taken aback by the teen’s accent and tone. Noah was referred to as the “American Dream” by Katy Perry. They gave Noah a golden ticket to Hollywood, and he kept winning over viewers with each new episode.

Is Noah Thompson Married? ‘American Idol’ Showed Glimpses Of His Family

Noah revealed more about his family during Hollywood Week. He said that Walker, a baby boy, is his first child. Walker is shared by Noah and Angel Dixon, his romantic partner. The two have been together since 2018, although they aren’t wed, according to Angel’s Instagram.

Noah Thompson Wife
Noah Thompson Wife

On Idol, Noah remarked, “My little boy, he’s my strive for all this.” “I can’t believe I’m even here. This might allow me to start over and offer my son a better life.

Noah chose the Rihanna song “Stay” for his Showstoppers performance because it made him think of Angel. Although he frequently mentioned how painful it was to be apart from his family, he was sure his Idol journey would ultimately benefit them.

During Disney Week, when the Top 10 went to Disneyland with their families before singing Disney songs on the show, Noah did get to see Walker and Angel. Before the conclusion, he also went home to see his family and take in a parade in his honor.

Noah Says He’s Ready To Go Home To His Family And ‘take It All In.’

After his stint on American Idol was up, Noah was eager to spend more time with Walker and Angel. The singer said he was “shocked” to learn he had won the competition and is still processing it during a May 23 appearance on Good Morning America.

“I’m looking forward to going home and spending time with my family. Kind of taking it all in” stated Noah. “It’s going to be crazy. I’m going to make an effort to, you know, just stick to staying home for a while.

Who is Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend, Angel Dixon?

The winner of American Idol 2022, Noah Thompson’s lover and son’s father, was astonished to see Angel Dixon among the crowd during his performance and subsequent victory.

She seems ambitious and sensitive, and they appear to have been long-term partners. We can infer from her social media activity that they began dating in the second half last year.

Angel Dixon was born in Blaine, Kentucky, and completed Lawrence County High School before enrolling at Big Sandy Community and Technical College.

We assume Noha and Angel are high school sweethearts because they went to the same high school and have a son named Walker Lee, who is one year old. Images of his son have gained popularity online since he was named American Idol 2022’s winner.

Is Noah Thompson’s Relationship Status Clear?

Even though Noah Thompson has no intention of getting married, they have been dating since last year. The stunning couple had been together since high school. He publishes images of Angel and himself on his Facebook page. Walker Thompson, the son of Noah and Angel, is a delight.


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Thompson aspired to be well-known at some point because of his unusual voice. But he lacked the self-assurance necessary to realize his aspirations. Reliable sources have said that Noah and Angel have been dating since their senior year of high school. Noah and Angel welcomed a lovely child into the world due to their love.

Even though Noah wasn’t naturally talented, Arthur paved the way by nominating him for American Idol. He was offered a golden ticket to Hollywood when Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie heard his voice. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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