Ron Howard Daughter: Do They Have Three Beautiful Daughters?

Ron Howard Daughter: Before breaking into the film industry, Ron Howard initially gained notoriety as a young actor in the 1960s for his appearances in The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days, respectively. The successful producer and filmmaker, now 67, went on to make movies like A Beautiful Mind and Frost/Nixon while also winning a few Academy Awards.

His professional career is well-known, but nothing is known about his personal life. He is the father of actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who has been nominated for a Golden Globe. With his devoted wife Cheryl Howard, to whom he has been wed since 1975, Ron has a son named Reed Howard. Along with the twins Paige and Jocelyn, they have one additional daughter. Bryce, his oldest daughter, is well-known, but Ron’s two other gifted children are probably less so. Everything you need to know about the director’s kids is here.

Who Is Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard’s Daughter?

Ron and Cheryl’s oldest child, who is not Jessica Chastain, is Bryce Dallas Howard. She obviously doesn’t need an introduction, but here is a quick one anyway: Bryce, who was born in Los Angeles in March 1981, is a well-known actress and filmmaker who has appeared in movies like The Help, Rocketman, and the Jurassic World series. She made her directorial debut by working on a few episodes of the popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Beatrice Jean, age 9, and Theodore Norman, age 14, are the couple’s children; the celebrity is married to actor Seth Gabel.

Ron Howard Daughter
Ron Howard Daughter

Bryce shared a fun fact about her (and her siblings’) names with Peter Travers when discussing Jurassic World in 2015. Ron gave each of his kids middle names that were influenced by the place where they were born. In the instance of Bryce, the Golden Globe-nominated actress was born in the Texas city of Dallas. Bryce laughed as he explained to the movie critic, “The rule was it’s wherever we were conceived.” “It’s repulsive!” It was the Carlyle hotel in New York City for her twin sisters Paige and Jocelyn, which brings us to the following Howard family.

Who Is Paige Howard, Ron Howard’s Daughter?

The identical twin daughters of Ron and Cheryl are Paige and Carlyle Howard. Paige, born in Los Angeles in February 1985, is an actress like her well-known father and older sister. The New York City native is a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts and has acted in movies like Adventureland and The Employer, as well as TV shows including Medium, Arrested Development, stalkTALK, and The Astronauts. Tim Abou-Nasr, an actor and singer, and Paige are engaged. About three years have passed since the two started dating. Paige announced that their wedding had been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic in an Instagram post dated May 2020, although she didn’t seem too upset about it, stating that she was “grateful” for her fiance.

Ron Howard Daughter
Ron Howard Daughter

Tim and I spent a lot of time and effort organizing our wedding, so even though we had to postpone, it got us thinking: What if we spent just as much time and effort getting ready for our marriage as we did for our wedding day? The caption showed Paige. “We are very appreciative to have each other in quarantine, to have another year of engagement to look forward to, and most importantly—to have so many beautiful people in our lives to walk hand in hand with!

Who Is Jocelyn Howard, Ron Howard’s Daughter?

The identical twin of Paige is Jocelyn Carlyle Howard. Like her sister, Jocelyn was born in Los Angeles in February 1985, but unlike her renowned father and siblings, she does not work in the entertainment industry. Therefore little is known about her. According to her IMDb page, she appeared in one Arrested Development episode in 2018. However, she has been in public on a few occasions with her family, including the ceremony for her father’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star in December 2015, as seen in the family photo above. In recognition of the director’s career, he received his second star.


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Unlike her siblings, Jocelyn doesn’t seem to be active on social media; however, in September 2019, Ron posted a rare Instagram photo of Paige and her at a weekend soccer match. He enthusiastically captioned the picture, “Hanging out with my gorgeous amazing brilliant kind fraternal twin daughters @paigecarlylehoward and Jocelyn at one of our grandkids soccer games this weekend.” They have always made me laugh and smile. They also inspire pride in me.

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