What Happened To Chase Outlaws’ Daughter? When Did The Family Tragedy Happen?

The death of Cash Outlaw, Chase Outlaw’s 11-year-old daughter, has been confirmed by PBR, bringing tragedy to the Outlaw family. On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the PBR Twitter account requested prayers and good thoughts for Chase Outlaw and his family as they mourn the loss of their daughter Cash.

Bull rider Chase Outlaw, 30, is well-known in the USA. Born in Hamburg, Arkansas, the rider is presently ranked #47 globally. Chase’s kid lived in Russellville with her mother, Brett Riddle, while he was still in Hamburg.

What Happened To Chase Outlaws’ Daughter?

At Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Cashleigh “Cash” Outlaw passed away on Friday, October 14, 2022. According to PBR, Cash Outlaw spent several weeks at Arkansas Children’s Hospital before she passed away. A little less than a month had passed since Cash’s 11th birthday when she passed away. On September 16, 2011, Cash was born.

What Happened To Chase Outlaws' Daughter?
What Happened To Chase Outlaws’ Daughter?

According to an obituary for Chase Outlaw’s daughter, Cash battled Type 1 diabetes her entire life. When Cash was 2 years old, she received a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis. However, Cash “had never let [her diagnosis] slow her down,” according to the obituary. In El Paso, Arkansas, funeral services were held on Tuesday, October 18.

Among Chase Outlaw’s Six Children, Cash Outlaw Was One

Chase Outlaw has conceived children with his present wife, Nicole, and his ex-partner Brett Ann Riddle. Chase and Brett had a daughter they named Cash. Hayes and Chloe are the other two children Chase has with Nicole. Chase Outlaw and Nicole Outlaw are presently residing in Hamburg.

When Cash Outlaw was four years old in June 2016, Chase Outlaw wed Nicole. Only five months had passed since Chloe Outlaw’s birth. As a result of her mother, Brett, and her stepfather, Chism, Cash also had half-siblings. Three children—a son, named Six Riddle and two daughters named Josie and Bristol Riddle—were born to Brett and Chism.

PBR Riders Show Their Support To The Outlaw Family

Fans and friends of the Outlaw family have offered their sympathy and paid tribute to their late daughter as word of Cash Outlaw’s passing spreads. According to Oklahoma Freedom head coach Cord McCoy, “Friday was the worst day in bull riding that the team concept ever hit for the Oklahoma Freedom.” “As closely as the ties that connect our team, I think Outlaw lost his daughter impacted the Outlaw family deeply; it hit our squad terribly.”

What Happened To Chase Outlaws' Daughter?
What Happened To Chase Outlaws’ Daughter?

“Every single one of us would give up bull riding to have Cash Outlaw here. Bull riding is our way of life, and it’s helped us all realize other things are more significant. Eli Vastbinder, the captain of the Freedom, stated about her passing.

Four Years Had Passed After Chase’s Accident When Did The Family Tragedy Happen

According to the Wrangler Network, Chase Outlaw had an accident in July 2018 that necessitated urgent facial reconstructive surgery, putting the Outlaw family through yet another tragedy. As a result of the hazardous nature of his occupation, bull riding exposes workers to the risk of fatalities or significant injuries.

Chase Outlaw underwent an urgent procedure at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center on July 23, 2018. War Cloud’s attack on Outlaw during the PBR’s Touring Pro Division match at Cheyenne Frontier Days broke 30 of his bones. Our thoughts are with Chase Outlaw’s loved ones and friends during this trying time.



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