Kelly Mi Li Net Worth: When Did She Start Her Career?

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth: Kelly Mi Li is a multi-millionaire Chinese-American serial entrepreneur, film producer, and investor. She is best known for being the executive producer and star of Bling Empire on Netflix.

Kelly is the executive producer of the Roku-accessible FBI decoding series Cypher and the Michael Shannon crime drama Echo Boomers. After working in New York, she began her career as a real estate developer in Los Angeles.

She has previously had positions as a talent manager and film producer and dabbled in many tech-related endeavors. She works on five new films through her own production company, Wet Paws Media.

Kelly is an ardent philanthropist who has served on the boards of various non-profit organizations, such as Prince Harry’s Well Child and UNICEF CCI. Kelly is also well known for having been previously married to a wealthy Chinese man and for committing one of the largest frauds in American history before being jailed.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li?

Kelly Mi Li was born in Kunming, China, on November 13, 1985. In 2022, she will be 37 years old. At age 18, Kelly worked as an insurance agent in New York. She ultimately moved to Los Angeles, where she worked in the culinary and real estate development sectors.

She also began investing in internet companies such as Nature Box and MeUndies before joining East-West Musicians as a talent manager and assisting in pairing American and Asian artists. Kelly was an employee of the company for three years.

Kelly has also worked as a design, production, and distribution partner with Greyscale Lab. She was also credited with establishing Wet Paws Media. She has worked as a producer on various films and television shows.

What Is Kelly Mi Li’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Kelly Mi Li’s estimated net worth is $5 million. Her entrepreneurial, investor, and producer activities have generated most of her riches. Due to her multiple business endeavors and television-producing jobs, she is now a self-made millionaire.

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth
Kelly Mi Li Net Worth

Kelly also produced Bling Empire and assisted in assembling the cast. Kelly is not the wealthiest cast member but has an enormous heart. Before transferring to the property industry, she built a substantial fortune from real estate commissions and insurance work in New York.

When Did Kelly Mi Li Start Her Career?

At 18, Kelly began her first corporate job selling life and health insurance for New York Life. Because she planned to major in finance in college, the work was a good fit for her academics, and because she was paid on commission, she was offered the opportunity to make a lot of money quickly.

She used $16,000 of her first substantial commission in her first year to purchase a condo she still owns. Kelly moved to Los Angeles at 18 to seek a career in the food industry.

She quickly purchased her restaurant, sold it a few years later, and became an early investor in tech companies such as MeUndies, Nature Box, and Kelly then worked as a managing partner at the talent management company East West Artists. Kelly has also worked as a partner in design, production, and distribution for Greyscale Lab.

Kelly invested in two firms after migrating to the United States: Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Be Great Partners. She is also the co-founder of Organic Media Group and the creator of the media and production business Wet Paws Media.

She has also founded the Golden Voice Society Community, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the AAPI community and giving back to it. In addition, she experimented in the entertainment industry, producing a few films before investing in her most important project, Bling Empire, in 2021.

This program altered her life and established her celebrity career. She then continued appearing on various series, including Celebrity Family Feud, The Netflix Afterparty, Entertainment Tonight, and Cypher.

Kelly Mi Li Personal Life

Kelly was formerly married to Lin Miao, the founder, and CEO of a messaging company that was arrested approximately ten years ago for perpetrating one of the worst cyber scams in U.S. history.

In the show’s first episode, she relates that before divorcing her ex-husband, she owned seven cars and four houses and spent $400,000 each month on her black (American Express) card until one day, the authorities took everything and jailed her ex-husband.

Lin and his co-conspirators produced almost $50 million from their fraud operation, which they utilized to fund their luxurious lifestyles. Kelly filed for divorce from Lin in 2014, and the separation was finalized in May 2015. According to Kelly, the couple’s assets were frozen, and they paid the government around $168 million.

Kelly had previously been in a relationship with former Red Power Ranger Andrew “Drew” Gray. Even though they broke up while filming, they reconciled in the season 1 finale.

Kelly and Andrew have permanently ended their relationship. Kelly did not divulge her new boyfriend’s identity on the show, but she did express her love during a confessional.

Legal Issues

Kelly reportedly filed a lawsuit against the Bling Empire show’s producer, Jeff Jenkins, for failing to give her credit for the show’s premise. Thursday, April 28, Kelly filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that she conceived of Bling Empire.


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