Savannah LaBrant’s Ex-Boyfriend: What Was Tommy Smith’s Cause Of Death?

Savannah Labrant Ex: Cole and Savannah LaBrant, well-known family influencers, document their lives as parents of two on their YouTube channel, The LaBrant Fam (formerly branded as Cole&Sav).

Some people know that Everleigh is not Cole’s child, despite the couple’s 2017 marriage. Savannah’s first spouse was Cole, but she also had Everleigh with an ex-boyfriend. Who is Tommy Smith, her ex-boyfriend? And what recently occurred to him?

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Savannah Had Her First Child, Everleigh, At 19.

Savannah has been candid about her past on her YouTube channel, acknowledging that it was a difficult road to her marriage to Cole. Before becoming well-known online and meeting the other influencer, Savannah became pregnant at 19. To have her child with her then-boyfriend Tommy Smith, she left the college where she was enrolled.

In a video titled “The truth about Savannah’s past,” Savannah claimed, “I was in a horrible relationship with her dad.” “I was in a bad relationship before I became pregnant at 19, met her father, and got pregnant somewhat quickly. The relationship was bad overall, with constant fighting and crazy behavior. Just a very toxic relationship overall.”

Savannah Labrant Ex
Savannah Labrant Ex

Savannah revealed how strained her relationship with Everleigh’s biological father was in an excerpt from the family’s book, Cole & Sav: Our Surprising Love Story, which People published.

She acknowledged that the relationship was generally dysfunctional and that Tommy had cheated on her repeatedly while pregnant with Everleigh and after her birth.

She wrote, “I wasn’t a happy person. “There wasn’t much joy in my life overall, but I pretended to be joyful in the films Everleigh and I made for My relatives witnessed my misery.

My mother informed me that she and her friends were constantly praying for me to leave him.” Everleigh wasn’t 3 years old when Savannah decided to go with him. She explained, “I was extremely tired of it and began to realize what I deserved.

What Was Tommy Smith’s Cause Of Death?

Even though Tommy and Savannah appeared to be getting along well as co-parents going ahead, their relationship abruptly ended on September 13, 2022, when Tommy’s sister, Amber Smith, made the news public. The Smith family has not yet disclosed the cause of Tommy Smith’s passing.

His joy of living life to the fullest, as well as his free personality, will be greatly missed, Amber wrote in a sad Facebook post.

Courtney, Tommy’s longtime partner, also shared a tribute on Instagram. She penned, “You were unexpectedly taken to be with Jesus on September 9. As I write this, my heart is in a million pieces.”


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Courtney continued, “I’m sure you’re laughing and dancing in heaven right now. I will always have a particular place in my heart for you. Tommy, I adore you so much.”

Savannah published a message on Instagram in Tommy’s honor, saying, “As we mourn the passing of Tommy, Everleigh’s father, our hearts are heavy. He adored Everleigh so much. We respectfully request privacy as we work through this trying time so that Ev’s family can continue to care for her, pray for her, and grieve alongside her.

We are so grateful for your prayers for Everleigh.” Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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