Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife? Is Bunnie Xo A Gold Digger?

Jelly Roll Wife: Everyone has heard of Jelly Roll, the charismatic country music performer and rapper from Nashville with an enormous waistline. Struggle Jennings, the step-grandson of Waylon Jennings and the nephew of Shooter Jennings, has collaborated with Jelly Roll on songs alongside legendary musicians like Eminem, Tech N9ne, and Struggle Jennings.

Google Jelly Roll makes it relatively easy to find the most recent details, from his most recent record release to his most recent superstar music collaboration. Still, finding out about his personal life can be a little more challenging.

Additionally, everyone is curious to learn more about Bunnie Xo, the spouse of Jelly Roll. In this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on Jelly Roll’s stunning wife, including information on her background, how she rose to fame, and the frequently asked question, “Is she truly a gold digger?” (Spoiler: She isn’t. Here’s what we learned about the bombshell blonde Bunnie.

Who Is Bunnie Xo?

The actual Bunnie Xo is Bunnie DeFord, a well-known American actress, and model. She enjoys enormous popularity because she is married to Jelly Roll, a famous American rapper.

Bunnie has been making music through the entertainment business for many years. She runs Dumb Blonde Productions and is a model, podcast host, and Instagram sensation.

Bill, Bunnie’s father, recently appeared on a podcast and talked extensively about parenting her alone. Nearly all of her childhood experiences and other things she had to deal with have been mentioned by him.

Nashville, Tennessee native Bunnie XO has even appeared in live performances and music videos for Jelly Roll. When they first met, Jelly Roll was traveling and living out of his van to make ends meet, and he is grateful that his future wife, Bunnie XO, made accommodations for him.

Is Bunnie Xo A Gold Digger?

She shouldn’t hear you call her that. If Jelly Roll is to be believed, it might be the opposite. The hip-hop and country music icon claim he enjoys it when people refer to his wife as a wealth digger. My favorite thing is that. She despises it and is enraged by it.

Jelly Roll Wife
Jelly Roll Wife

Jason DeFord, also known as Jelly Roll, recounts that he was homeless and residing in a van that had been converted when he first met her in 2012. When he said, “If anyone was digging for gold, it was I, Popeye,” he wasn’t the famous person he is now. Despite his sense of humor over fans’ misunderstandings of his wife, he is eager to clear the air.

Bunnie already had her own house and car when she started dating Jason. She was active on social media. Her life was complete. With a pure heart as well, Bunnie Xo has assisted in raising Jelly Roll’s two stepchildren.

Jason’s daughter Bailee has been under his care since 2012, and Bunnie has worked hard to forge close bonds with her and Noah, DeFord’s son. The rapper claims that “she’s helped me raise my daughter.” “To nurture a child, they did not birth demands a selfless person,” After dating for fewer than 12 months, Bunnie married Jason DeFord in 2013.

When Did Bunnie Xo Start Her Career?

Bunnie Xo, aka Bunnie DeFord, has spent years battling and working hard to carve out a career in the entertainment world. She is now a model, podcast host, and the proprietor of Dumb Blonde Productions.

The popular podcast Dumb Blonde brings people from diverse backgrounds to light. It may be viewed as a graphic show on YouTube and available on all streaming services.

The sole host and heir of the program, Bunnie pokes fun at her guests’ pasts, sheds light on current events, and even has them participate in ludicrous activities.

Her modeling career spans a variety of mediums, including music videos, magazines, and Playboy TV. Bunnie, Jelly Roll’s wife, may be seen singing in several music videos and live performances.

Between all of that, she has a viral YouTube channel where, among other series, you can discover the Dumb Blonde Podcast. “Meet the DeFord’s” is one of the biggest shows she creates. A program that offers an inside peek at the household lives of two working parents in the entertainment world.

She has a lot of success and has no intention of giving anything up. She dreams of having her radio program someday. She maintains her eye on the prize and works nonstop while her current shows expand exponentially.

Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife?

In 2016, Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll were married after a long courtship. They have been married for over five years and have a close relationship. Jelly and Bunny have two kids. Baille is their daughter’s name, while Noah DeFord is their son. Along with their kids, the couple happily resides in Tennessee.

Baille and Noah DeFord, their two children, adore spending time with their mother. They used to play with their father and act out such adorable theatrical situations. They appear to be intrepid and enjoy traveling. Additionally, they try to shield the public from their personal lives.

What Is Bunnie Xo’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Bunnie Xo’s net worth is predicted to be $2 million. The numerous collaborations she has acquired over the past few years are expected to increase her revenues. She had an estimated total fortune of $1.5 million earlier in 2021. But as of right now, the woman has earned around $500,000 more this year.


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Therefore, even if there is a high likelihood of wage variations, we can say that Bunnie Xo earns an annual salary of roughly USD 500,000. In March 2021, Bunny and Jelly purchased their first lovely home.

According to Jelly Roll’s social media updates, the two have created a joint five-, ten-, and even fifteen-year plan that includes things like buying a house. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. Newswatchlist.com is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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