Who Is Jinkx Monsoon Husband? Where Did She Grow Up?

Jinkx Monsoon: American drag performer, actor, comedian, and singer Jerick Hoffer (born September 18, 1987), better known by his stage name Jinkx Monsoon, is most well-known for being the first person to win two consecutive seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race or RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Jinkx Monsoon, Husband.

The Inevitable Album, their first, was released in 2014, and The Ginger Snapped, their sophomore effort, was released in 2018. Jinkx presently stars in the original series they co-created with Liam Krug for WOW Presents Plus, Sketchy Queens.

Where Did Jinkx Monsoon Grow Up?

Jerick Hoffer debuted as a drag performer at the age of 15 at Portland, Oregon’s Escape Nightclub. Heidi Destruction was supposed to be their drag moniker before settling on Jinkx Monsoon. They went to Grant Middle School, High School, and da Vinci Arts Middle School.

Although Hoffer’s family was devoutly Catholic, they were surprised to learn that their mother’s side had Russian Jewish roots when they were 18. To better understand and appreciate their Jewish ancestry, they made Jinkx their drag character, Jewish.

Hoffer got a degree in drama from Cornish College of the Arts in 2010 while working as a custodian. They moved to the Seattle area in 2006 and have been there since. In October of that year, they relocated back to Portland, this time to an East Side home called Monsoon Manor.

Who Is Jinkx Monsoon, Husband Michael Abbott?

Jinkx Monsoon Husband
Jinkx Monsoon Husband

Jinkx Monsoon, 23, wed Michael Abbott, 25, in their Portland, Oregon, living room with only three other housemates present. They first crossed paths in March 2019 at a club in Manchester, England. After spending time together for a while, they felt a mutual attraction.

So, after only a short time together, they committed to a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, Jinkx was on tour at the time and couldn’t stay in the country. A long-distance romance is what they chose. The pandemic ruined an otherwise successful situation.

However, this did not affect their relationship because they still managed to keep in touch through Skype calls, text messages, and face time despite the distance. They didn’t get engaged until October 2020 and were married in January of the following year. Their ceremony’s officiant was Deven Green.

What Is Michael Abbott’s Sexuality?

Michael Abbott has previously said that he does not identify with any particular sexual orientation. He remarked that if they marry a drag queen, that doesn’t make them his type. He continued by saying that his love interest, like everyone else, has its unique attractiveness.

It’s easy to see why Jinkx would be drawn to him in this scene. The instant she met him, she knew she had a buddy for life. After that, things progressed rapidly in their relationship, but it has been solid ever since.

Jinkx has struggled with her sexual identity since she was a child, but Abbott’s perspective was different in that it didn’t seem to matter to him much either way. Instead, it was her inner beauty that captivated him.

When Did Jinkx Monsoon Start Her Profession?

Hoffer and his creative partner Nick Sahoyah portrayed Jinkx Monsoon, the smothering, drug-addled, borderline-psychotic mother of Nick Sahoyah’s character Kamikaze Monsoon, in a series of Funny or Die webisodes named Monsoon Season, which they filmed after relocating to Seattle from Portland.

Hoffer appeared in the 2011 film Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel, directed by Wes Hurley. A Seattle-based videographer named Alex Berry began a YouTube documentary series in June 2011 about Hoffer. Inspired by one of Jinkx’s all-time favorite films, Death Becomes Her, Drag Becomes Him delves into Hoffer’s life inside and outside drag.

The show has continued beyond the end of RuPaul’s Drag Race so that viewers can look at their post-competition lives. The premiere was hosted by Monsoon and Waxie Moon on February 28th, 2013, at Seattle’s Central Cinema.

Hoffer performed the role of Moritz in the Seattle production of the rock musical Spring Awakening at the Balagan Theater in January 2012. A review by Misha Berson in The Seattle Times caused a stir when he claimed the actors were “overly showy” in their performance.

When challenged about Hoffer’s depiction of Moritz, Dan Savage offered a defense. They were Angel in the 5th Avenue Theatre’s RENT production from July 21 through August 19. Please tell your friends about this if you think it’s interesting. Go to Newswatchlist.com for the latest updates and news about celebrities.

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