Who Is Nikki Glaser’s Husband? Has She Been In Multiple Relationships?

Nikki Glaser Husband: Many of Nikki Glaser’s admirers have expressed concern over her marital status thus far. One could assume from her life as one of the best comedians that her marriage is prosperous, just like her work. But it demonstrates the proverb “never judge a book by its cover” in real life. Continue reading as we reveal all there is to know about the stand-up comedian’s love life.

Who Is Nikki Glaser’s Husband?

The stand-up comedian’s profile still lists her marital status as single, indicating that she is not currently married to anyone. She is frequently heard discussing her marital status in her shows and is quite forthright about it.

Meanwhile, many of her fans are hanging up in anticipation of seeing her in a romantic relationship because of her personality and influence in the entertainment industry.

She has been in a relationship that seems to have come and gone, so it looks like she has little control over this. In the past, Nikki has never been married. She has, however, been seen dating some different men.

Nikki Glaser, Has Been In Multiple Relationships!

The Fboy Island host has had many failed relationships, mostly involving celebrities. More than four different men have been seen with her in a relationship. Here is a look at a few of her previous relationships and the men she has been associated with.

Nikki Glaser Husband
Nikki Glaser Husband

Pete Lee is the Standup Comedian, First Love

In reality, Pete Lee and Nikki Glaser have been friends for a long time and met when they were both just starting. When Glaser was 20 years old, they allegedly fell in love. They first ran into each other when Pete was a featured artist during a guest set by Nikki. As they spent the entire weekend together, they grew closer and quickly became friends.

The fact that Pete was dating someone in New York simultaneously is intriguing. After he breaks up with his girlfriend, they intend for her to move to New York and live with him there. Unfortunately, Pete chose to support his girlfriend over Nikki, and their romance quickly fizzled. They could not speak for over ten years due to the incident.

Nikki Also Had a Relationship With Mike Recine

While both in Atlantic City in 2010, Nikki allegedly started dating comedian Mike Recine. Glaser believed it would only occur once, but Mike had different ideas.


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He talked about how he wished to marry her on the You Up with Nikki Glaser podcast. Unfortunately, Nikki wasn’t interested in him, so she boarded a plane for St. Louis the next day.

The Actress Started Dating Dan Soder in 2016

Dan Soder, an American actor and comedian was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in the United States on June 24, 1983. The actor rose to fame thanks to his performance in Trainwreck (2015). He was once seen dating Nikki Glaser for a brief period in 2016, marking the end of their romance. After they broke up, Dan started seeing Hannah Berner, another actress.

Nikki once approached Hannah to participate in one of her podcasts, where they discussed their connection to Dan. After they broke up, she admitted to being envious of Hannah when it became clear that she was Dan’s new replacement.

She was Linked to Fellow Radio Personality Bobby Bones

Nikki had a sexual encounter with radio personality Bobby Bones during the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars while taking part. Glaser exposed the vital information after having a year-long, covert relationship with Bobby. She initially discussed her behind-the-scenes relationship on the Howard Stern Show. She also disclosed how each participant in the show becomes friends with another star.

Why Do People Believe Nikki Glaser is Married to Chris Convy

Her lengthy friendship with the TV producer led to rumors that Nikki was Chris Convy’s wife. In 2013, talks about Nikki dating the TV producer began to circulate. The allegations intensified after they were spotted together at the Not Safe with Nikki Glaser premiere party in February 2016.

Later, in August of the same year, the comedian acknowledged that Chris was her boyfriend in an interview with The Washington Post. After filming the television show Not Safe, she was asked how she felt about sex, and she responded that nothing shocks her anymore. She went on to say that she could be honest about her relationships and sex life anytime, anywhere.

The Actress Broke Up With Her Boyfriend in 2016

According to reports, in late 2016, Nikki and Chris’ relationship nearly ended. She discussed her separation with Buffalo News during a sit-down interview. In the conversation, Nikki made it quite clear that she and her partner were no longer together. She didn’t say who she was referring to, but it might be assumed that it was Chris.

At about the same time, her program, Not Safe, was canceled, and they called it quits. She said she was ready to let go of the show, just like she was prepared to let go of her partner when talking about it. She claimed that despite how painful it can be, most TV shows and relationships end in divorce.

Nikki Reestablishes a Relationship with Chris Convy, Her Former Boyfriend

Even though Nikki and Chris’s close relationship didn’t last the entire time, by filming for Welcome Home Nikki Glaser started in 2019, they were back together. Chris decided to head back to St. Louis during the pandemic, much like the actress did.

In the second episode of the E! series, which debuted on May 2, Nikki and Chris acknowledged that they weren’t simply friends and weren’t exclusively dating.


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Nikki expressed her intention to keep using dating apps and her desire for Chris to follow suit. She said that early in their relationship, she broke Chris’s confidence by assuming a person she thought he would enjoy. They believe that both of them concluded that they needed to reestablish trust before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

Nikki declared that if Chris couldn’t provide her with the needed stability, she would leave St. Louis and return to Los Angeles. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. Newswatchlist.com is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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