Who Is Peter Dinklage Wife? How Many Children Does They Have?

Peter Dinklage Wife: Peter Dinklage is most recognized for his role as the witty, multifaceted antihero Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, which won him four Emmys. The script for a new musical movie adaptation of the love classic Cyrano was written by his wife, playwright, and theatre director Erica Schmidt. Still, these days he’s moving into the leading-man territory.

The highly reclusive Dinklage usually keeps his personal life to himself and avoids social media. Still, now that he and his wife have collaborated on such a well-known project, we’re getting a better look at this creative duo.

Our primary concern is how she convinced him to sing on camera. Let’s learn more about the real-life romance between Peter Dinklage and his wife, Erica Schmidt.

Is Peter Dinklage Married?

In 2005, Dinklage wed Schmidt. In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, he raved about his wife after ten years of marriage, calling her “wonderful.” She adores the theatre. The theater is holy to her, in contrast to many others in our field for whom cinema is the ultimate goal. It is art, not entertainment.

He has a lot of regard for, affection for, and admiration for Schmidt. He added, “She’s incredibly inspirational. She is unquestionably the family’s artist. I am merely the TV actor who makes the payments.

Schmidt disagrees with some who think their height disparity makes them an improbable couple. “What’s irritating about it is that Pete is an exceptionally gorgeous, charming, and hilarious guy, but when he appears in a magazine or whatever, people comment on how fantastic it is that he is only four foot five inches tall and sexy. You know, that’s just Pete,” she said in 2012 to Rolling Stone. And everyone else needs to catch up.

Who Is Peter Dinklage’s Wife, Erica Schmidt?

The 2019 rendition of Mac Beth was written and directed by award-winning playwright and theatre director Schmidt. Similarly to Dinklage’s new leadership role, she also wrote and directed a musical, theatrical adaption of the 1897 French play Cyrano de Bergerac in 2019.

According to Dinklage, the play’s Cyrano, who in the original has a large nose, aids a conventionally handsome man in wooing Roxanne, the woman they are both in love with, by writing love letters for him. This is quite similar to catfishing today.

Peter Dinklage Wife
Peter Dinklage Wife

Roxanne does fall in love, but is it because of the attractive man’s appearance or because of Cyrano’s emotional speech? Dinklage stated to The New York Times in December 2021, “[Schmidt] was commissioned to write an adaptation of Cyrano, and she had the excellent notion of cutting it down to its fundamental essence, replacing the ponderous monologues about love with love songs.” Dinklage later played the lead role in the play that featured original music by The National.

Did Erica Schmidt Write Her Cyrano Adaptation For Peter Dinklage?

Dinklage claims that his wife may have “subconsciously” written his Cyrano part by omitting Cyrano’s infamously large nose, even though her play does not mention Dinklage’s height either.

Dinklage stated in his New York Times interview, “Erica removed [the nose], and I realized I had to play this part because now it’s about a guy who doesn’t know what to do in the face of love.”

“However, I am confident that she wasn’t merely substituting my size for the nose in terms of a physical difference between the character. She only wanted to dig. It’s kind of what I do: Every time I take on a part, I don’t simply play someone my size; I also play a flesh-and-blood human with various other issues.

To be honest, Schmidt initially hesitated to cast Dinklage in part. Peter remarked, “Perhaps I could read it? I have to be honest and admit that I was a little resistant because when your life partner is a massive star who everyone knows, everything tends to revolve around him.

But by the time he finished reading it, it was apparent he was the ideal candidate. There were many similarities between Peter and himself, including his razor-sharp intelligence, wit, and humor.

How Many Children Do Peter Dinklage And Erica Schmidt Have?

Two children, one born in 2011 and the other in 2017, were taken to the couple. Peter clarified to The Guardian in 2015 that his daughter’s name is not Zelig, despite widespread assumption.

The couple has chosen to keep their personal lives private. Thus, neither the name nor the gender of their second kid has ever been made public.


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The Games of Thrones actor also gushed about how “amazing” his wife is. She enjoys the theatre, he remarked. The theater is holy to her, unlike many others in our field for whom cinema is the ultimate goal. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website, Newswatchlist.com, for the most recent news.

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