Is Jessica Schimmel Joe Rogan’s Wife? When Did They Get Married?

Jessica Schimmel Joe Rogan Wife: Joe Rogan has been a “jack of all trades” throughout his pre-JRE career. There are ten comedy specials by Joe Rogan available. His most recent works, Triggered and Strange Times, are available for streaming on Netflix. In an interview with Phoenix New Time, Rogan defined comedy as a “pure portrayal of your thoughts, which people love.”

The actor Joe Rogan made his television debut as Joe Garelli on NewsRadio. He has since guest-starred on NBC’s Just Shoot Me!, The Man Show, and The Chappelle Show, to name a few.

In addition, he hosted the popular reality series Fear Factor from 2001 to 2006 and briefly in 2011. Given his enthusiasm for and expertise in mixed martial arts, it should be no surprise that Rogan serves as a UFC analyst to JRE fans. The UFC hired him in 1997 to do color commentary.

Who Is Joe Rogan’s Wife, Jessica Ditzel?

Jessica Ditzel (Jessica Rogan), 45, was born in 1975 to well-known musician Jeff Conrad Ditzel, according to Sidomex Entertainment. The Colorado resident earned a bachelor’s degree from California State University and then worked as a cocktail server at many nightclubs. Formerly, Jessica worked as a model for Wholesome, a Korean brand, and M Model Management.

Some claim she has had additional positions, including account executive at Robert Half Technology in California, management assistant at Rent-A-Car, and product analyst at Volvo Motorsports. The website claims that Joe Rogan met Jessica in 2001 while she was working as a bar waiter.

Jessica Schimmel Joe Rogan Wife
Jessica Schimmel Joe Rogan Wife

The passage adds, “The two started dating as soon as they met.” But at the time, nobody outside their link was aware of it. Before meeting multimillionaire Podcast host Joe, Jessica was previously involved with the late Keven “Dino” Conner, with whom she had a daughter, singer Kayla Rose.

According to Chron, Keven was a passenger in Teshya Rae Weisent’s 22 car in 2003 when it was involved in a collision with a sports utility vehicle.

Teshya Rae was en route to pick up the lead singer of the R&B group H-Town from a studio when the SUV allegedly ran a red light, colliding with the car and ejecting them both from it. Keven passed away en route to the hospital, while Tesha Rae was found dead at the site.

Some say that Jessica is frequently confused for Jessica Schimmel in several internet tales due to the obscurity surrounding Joe’s family. The page emphasizes that she “is a completely different person.” Jessica Schimmel is a television producer best known for her work on The Simpsons (1989), Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed (2005), and Howard Stern on Demand (2005).

Despite sharing a first name and even attending the same university, Jessica Schimmel and Jessica Ditzel (Jessica Rogan) are not the same people.

When Did They Get Married?

Jessica Ditzel wed Joe Rogan in 2009. According to Sidomex Entertainment, the couple publicly announced their engagement in 2008.

How Many Children Does Jessica Ditzel Have?

Joe doesn’t divulge a lot of information regarding his personal life. He did, however, acknowledge having three kids in one of his Joe Rogan Experience episodes. The children Jessica and Joe’s share are Rosy, 11, Lola, 13, and Kayla Rose, 24.

In addition to adopting Kayja Rose as his stepdaughter after getting married to Jessica, Joe has two biological children, Rosy and Lola. As mentioned, Jessica’s ex-lover Keven Conner is Kayja’s biological father.

According to Sportskeeda, she has continued his musical tradition by releasing her debut EP, Tipsy, in 2017. According to the website, Dino Conner, her biological father, may have encouraged her passion for music.

Who Is Joe Rogan?

Joseph James Rogan was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey, in the United States. He is three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish. Rogan’s parents divorced when he was five years old; he hasn’t spoken to his father since he was seven.

Rogan recounted, “All I remember of my dad are these brief, violent flashes of domestic abuse.” I don’t want to regret my upbringing, though. I’ve never genuinely had a bad encounter. I don’t hate the guy. From when he was seven years old until he was eleven, he lived in San Francisco, California, before his family moved to Gainesville, Florida.

They subsequently settled in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, where Rogan graduated from Newton South High School in 1985. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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