Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date? So, What Went Wrong?

Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date: The media personality’s recent outburst, in which he questioned Meghan Markle’s claims about her mental health during her appearance with Oprah, came before he lost his position as co-host of Good Morning Britain.

The Duchess of Sussex and Morgan, he alleges, were once friends, but after she met and wed Prince Harry, the actress “ghosted” him.

This week, Ofcom exonerated Morgan of the complaint that Harry and Meghan had made against him due to his comments regarding the duchess’ mental health. Let’s look back to their broken relationship to comprehend his contempt for the duchess.

Morgan claims that in 2015, Meghan slipped into his Twitter direct messages to express her gratitude for him following her and other Suits cast members. She was riding the wave of fame from her portrayal of Rachel Zane in the American courtroom thriller at the time, and Morgan co-hosted ITV’s Good Morning Britain. In 2018, Morgan expressed his opinion on the development of their friendship on Ireland’s The Late Late Show. Know About Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date And More.

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So, What Went Wrong?

Morgan alleges that the two kept in touch via social media and finally got together in 2016 after Meghan contacted her to let her know she would be in London for meetings and to watch US tennis champion and friend Serena Williams play at Wimbledon.

We chatted for two hours at the Scarsdale Tavern in Kensington, West London, while she drank a few dirty martinis and pints. Morgan said they got along great. “I placed her in a cab after that, and it turns out that cab was the one that drove her to the party where she met Prince Harry.

“They had supper by themselves the following night, and that was the last time I spoke to Meghan Markle. She ghosted me; I never heard from Meghan Markle again. Morgan may be seen giggling heartily about the encounter during the interview. Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date

Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date
Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date? Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date

He added, “I genuinely liked her. This is why it hurts,” before laughing uncontrollably.

Hearty congrats, Harry, you found a real keeper (even if your romance did break my beautiful friendship with the fabulous Meghan Markle),” Morgan wrote in a piece published in the UK media in 2017. Morgan proceeded to find humor in his lost “friendship” with the soon-to-be princess.

He defended Meghan’s father once more in 2018, calling him “foolish” and saying he had “just himself to blame” for missing his daughter’s wedding.

Morgan might eventually outgrow his capacity for compassion, though. Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date?

Morgan Changes His Tune

We don’t know with certainty why Morgan turned against Meghan. When he objected to Meghan’s charitable endeavors and charged that she wasn’t a devoted daughter to her father, Thomas Markle Sr., his attitude shifted in July 2018.

In response to Meghan and Harry’s wish to retire as senior members of the royal family, Morgan increased his criticism of the couple last year. Morgan compared Meghan and Harry to the Kardashians in their quest for exposure and made personal jabs at Meghan’s growing baby bulge.

The Boil-Over After Oprah

After his co-host called out his continuous criticism of the duchess, Morgan stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain overnight. The well-known person attacked Meghan for her candid interview with Oprah Winfrey, calling it disgusting and cowardly. Given that the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, is ill, he called the timing of the interview a disgrace.

“I was annoyed, went for a quick cool-down, then returned to finish the talk,” he tweeted about the event.

After co-hosting Good Morning Britain for six years, Morgan announced his departure in a brief statement, albeit it is believed that he was forced to resign. Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date

“Piers Morgan has decided that the timing is right to depart Good Morning Britain after talking with ITV. ITV has complied with the ruling and has nothing more to say,” it stated.

Morgan tweeted, “I’m happy OFCOM has endorsed my right to doubt the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s fiery allegations to Oprah Winfrey, many of which have shown to be wrong,” after he had been acquitted of making the remarks months later. Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date?

“This is a resounding victory for free speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchios.”

He asked in his final tweet, “Do I get my job back?”

Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date?

In response to ITV’s announcement that it has “no plans to invite Piers Morgan back in,” the active tweeter Morgan asked, “Should I simply storm back in?” This was an allusion to his outburst during the heated debate over Meghan’s interview. Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date?

Did Piers Morgan And Meghan Markle Date?

By following one another on Twitter in 2015, Morgan and Markle got off to a strong start and frequently interacted online. However, the relationship between the two took a turn for the worse a year later when Markle allegedly “ghosted” Morgan after they went out for drinks in London on the same night she purportedly met her future husband, Prince Harry.

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