Alec Baldwin Murderer: What Happened The Day Halyna Hutchins Died?

Alec Baldwin Murderer: Alec Baldwin fatally shot Halyna Hutchins a year ago while filming “Rust” on location. Why is it taking the authorities so long to figure out what happened and whether anyone is guilty of a crime?

Authorities claim they are working on it but have not provided much information regarding how far along the investigation is. Two investigative findings were made public, including the FBI’s analysis of the prop gun that killed Hutchins and the medical examiner’s conclusion that her death was accidental.

Among the FBI’s findings: Contrary to Baldwin’s statement of how he handled the gun, the gun could not have been shot “without a pull of the trigger.” Alec Baldwin Murderer

Even so, how did a live bullet get into the rifle even if he did squeeze the trigger?

The Santa Fe County, New Mexico district attorney, Mary Carmack-Altweis, stated on the anniversary of the massacre which she acknowledged the tragedy and reaffirmed her commitment to “pursue Justice for the victims and find answers for the community… Justice must be served to all victims.

After receiving the entire investigation report from the Santa Fe County Sheriff, her office would undertake “a careful assessment of the material and evidence to make a considered, timely decision about whether to press charges,” she said in a new statement on October 27.

As in every case she handles, the district attorney’s priorities include protecting the legal system’s legitimacy, enforcing New Mexico law, and seeking Justice. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Alec Baldwin Murderer and more.

Alec Baldwin Murderer
Alec Baldwin Murderer Alec Baldwin Murderer

What is known about the probe is as follows:

Rust will resume filming in January after Alec Baldwin and the family of Halyna Hutchins settled.

FBI analysis: Alec Baldwin’s gun couldn’t have fired without a “pull of the trigger” on the “Rust” set.

What Happened The Day Halyna Hutchins Died?

On October 21, 2021, the “Rust” cast and crew rehearsed at the Bonanza Creek Ranch west of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Baldwin, 64, the actor and producer of the movie, drew a pretend gun and pointed it in the direction of Hutchins and the camera.

Uncertain factors led the pistol to fire a live bullet. Baldwin claimed to have cocked the firearm but not pulled the trigger. Hutchins and the filmmaker Joel Souza, behind her, were both hits. Hutchins, 42, passed away after being flown by chopper to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque.

How Could A Prop Gun Kill Anyone?

It can if there is live ammunition in it, and the imitation Colt.45 gun Baldwin was holding had at least one live round, according to the investigators.

The Santa Fe District Attorney, Carmack-Altwies, stated that more live rounds were discovered on the set after the shooting but did not specify how many in an interview with ABC in November of last year. She referred to the discovery of live rounds as “concerning.”

Who Are The Alleged Targets Of The ‘rust’ Shooting Investigation?

The most well-known name in the case is Baldwin. Although he claims he was assured it was a “cold gun,” meaning it didn’t have any live ammunition, he still held the weapon when it went off.

Along with Baldwin, Seth Kenney, the supplier of weapons and ammunition, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the set armorer, and Dave Halls have all been identified as potential players in the tragedy. All have attorneys.

Could the gun held by Alec Baldwin have fired without pulling the trigger?

Guns can accidentally discharge due to mechanical failure or improper handling or training, but was this the case here? This is a vital inquiry for the investigation. The FBI seems to agree with specific gun experts who claim that firearms cannot shoot independently.

According to the FBI analysis, three accidental-discharge tests were carried out to see if the gun could have been shot without the trigger being pushed. Each test came to the same conclusion: “A pull of the trigger” was required for the gun to fire.

The study also notes that the gun was in terrible condition and that none of its internal parts were working or complete when tested.

According to the report, “it may not be possible to reproduce or repeat all of the circumstances which led to the discharge of a firearm without a pull of the trigger” during an accidental discharge examination. Alec Baldwin Murderer

Guns don’t just go off, the sheriff of Santa Fe County said to Fox News in December. So he did whatever was necessary to control the weapon now in his hands.

In February, Carmack-Altwies revealed to Vanity Fair that her investigation team had discovered that a gun could fire even if the trigger were not pulled. You can remove the hammer without pulling the trigger or locking it. She explained that the firing pin could strike the bullet’s primer if you let it go.

Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas, says the FBI report is being “misconstrued.”

The statement from Nikas reads, “The gun fired in testing only once—without needing to pull the trigger—when the hammer was pulled back, and the weapon cracked in two different locations. The pistol was in such bad shape that the FBI could not fire it in previous tests, even when pushing the trigger.

What Are The Potential Criminal Charges?

Nobody anticipates being accused of murder; lesser charges are possible but not assured. Alec Baldwin Murderer

No proof exists that anyone intended the shooting to occur, which is necessary for prosecutors to support a murder prosecution.


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Another option is involuntary manslaughter, defined by New Mexico law as a killing that occurs “while acting in a reckless manner that may cause the death of another person,” among other conditions.

What About Civil Lawsuits In The Case?

In cases brought before civil courts, police and prosecutors have no involvement. Alec Baldwin Murderer

Plaintiffs in these cases must demonstrate that a defendant failed to exercise ordinary care, or “due diligence,” following a standard of what “a person of ordinary prudence” would do in the same or similar situations if they seek monetary damages. If the parties cannot agree on whether the standard was broken, the case will be heard by a civil jury.

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