Jerry Falwell Jr. Wife: When Did Becki Falwell First Meet Him? How Much Money Will He Have In 2022?

Jerry Falwell Jr. Wife: An American lawyer, former academic administrator, and well-known former Evangelical Christian, Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr. What Became Of Jerry Falwell Jerry has piqued more people’s interest. In this article, we can find information about What Happened To Jerry Falwell Jr. wife, who is Jerry Falwell jr. wife, and Where is Jerry Falwell jr. wife right now. What about Becki Falwell? For all our information about Jerry Falwell Jr. wife, scroll down.

When Did Becki Falwell First Meet Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Becki Falwell is the wife of Jerry Falwell Jr., a former president of the evangelical Liberty University, and the in-law of the late televangelist and Christian figure Jerry Falwell Sr.

When Becki was 13 years old in 1987, she first met Jerry Jr. According to Vanity Fair, Jerry and Becki’s sister were friends and went on their first date when he was 23, and she was an 18-year-old college freshman. She left Liberty after falling in love and started working as a waiter.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Wife
Jerry Falwell Jr. Wife

Image source: businessinsider

Jerry graduated from the University of Virginia’s law school, and the two subsequently hitched. Becki also got involved in other conservative initiatives during her two decades as a stay-at-home mother. She talked with Jerry at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference and formerly participated on the Women for Trump advisory board.

Who Are Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Children?

Since 1987, Becki and Jerry Falwell have been wed. Charles Wesley, Caroline Grace, and Trey Falwell are the three kids that Jerry and Becki have together. Additionally, the Falwell family has welcomed a few grandchildren.

Where Is Becki Falwell Right Now?

Becki Falwell appears to be currently leading a tranquil life in Lynchburg as a grandma and mother. She has a private Instagram account. (It does, however, include a profile picture of her with Jerry.) And Jerry has uploaded several photos of their farm and lake house. Now that God Forbid is streaming catch up on all the most recent developments in the Falwell story.

Are Jerry Falwell Jr. And Becki Falwell Still A Couple?

The fact that  Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki are still in a content marriage may surprise some viewers. According to Becki, “We are together more than any couple you will ever meet in your life.” “He forgave me, and that’s what Jesus preaches, forgiveness,” the speaker said.

How Much Money Will Jerry Falwell Jr. Have In 2022?

Jerry Falwell Jr. is an American lawyer, property developer, and former university administrator and has a $100 million net worth. He succeeded his father as president of Liberty University in 2007 after Jerry Falwell’s passing. Following the publication of an Instagram photo of Jerry Jr. with his pants down, he decided to step down from his positions as university president and chancellor on August 7, 2020.

After a sexual controversy involving Jerry that saw him reportedly being duped by his wife and a Miami hotel pool boy multiple times a year, he abruptly resigned on August 24, 2020, according to a thorough Reuters expose. Hopefully, you like this article; we mostly covered all related information to Jerry Falwell Jr. wife. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit

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