What Was The Cause of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife Death?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife: The former long-serving sheriff of metro Phoenix’s wife, Ava Arpaio, passed away from complications from cancer. She was a devoted supporter of her husband’s contentious political career while also making friends with some of his most ardent detractors.

Her husband, former sheriff Joe Arpaio, announced her death on Sunday at a hospital in the Phoenix region. She was 89. In addition to supporting him when he served as a federal drug agent in the United States, Turkey, and Mexico for 24 years, Arpaio has credited his 63-year-old wife with raising their two children and helping him become an influential but contentious figure in immigration enforcement. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife

“I look back and always say the job came first. Most people would never say that,” the 88-year-old former lawman said Monday. “I love my family, but I was dedicated to my job. And she put up with that and supported me.” Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife

Ava Arpaio, who went on a blind date with Joe Arpaio when he was a police officer in Washington, joined her husband on political stages, rode in parades with him, and made TV commercials endorsing him. She was a soft-spoken, likable contrast to his hard-boiled persona, which came under fire for his immigration and jail policies and for looking into political opponents and his criminal contempt conviction, which then-President Trump pardoned late one Friday night in 2017.

After her husband retired from his position as a federal drug agent, she founded a travel agency where he worked before he was elected sheriff. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife and more.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife

Ava Arpaio escaped stomach cancer about five years ago. She spent several days in an intensive care unit in 2019 while the cancer was in remission after a rattlesnake from the couple’s garage entered their home and bit her. Although she overcame the bite, her cancer came back and spread.

Ava Arpaio was her husband’s “hidden political weapon,” according to Chad Willems, Arpaio’s veteran campaign manager, and political fundraiser. According to Willems, she successfully attracted voters who weren’t necessarily drawn to Arpaio’s conservative ideology. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife and more.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona was charged with criminal contempt for disobeying a 2011 court order to stop racial profiling of Latinos while on patrol. Phoenix, Arizona – 17 April: On April 17, 2009, in Phoenix, Arizona, detainees were transferred after being told to do so by Maricopa County Sheriff Officer Joe Arpaio (R), who was watching, to make room for maximum security inmates. Hispanic activists and lawmakers have criticized Arpaio, claiming that his tactics for deporting illegal immigrants constitute racial profiling.

According to Willems, she was a subdued truth speaker who could persuade her husband to reconsider bad choices without engaging in lengthy policy debates. Instead, she would listen and offer brief but impactful advice, like reminding him that he served the public rather than worrying too much about criticism in the media.

“She never saw herself as a political consultant, but she had that sharp, common-sense instinct about her,” Willems said. “And she knew her husband inside and out.”

Ava Arpaio had a talent for disarming her husband’s harshest detractors, according to Lydia Guzman, a longtime Arpaio opponent, and fighter for Latino civil rights. Guzman recalled a book signing when those who wanted to criticize her husband found it difficult since the woman seated next to him was kind and smiled innocently. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife

She was the PR Arpaio needed—not his usual PR, according to Guzman. After her husband was ousted from office in 2016, Ava Arpaio set up an office for him in their hometown of Fountain Hills, a suburb of Phoenix, knowing long ago that he had no interests and wasn’t going to have a traditional retirement. Soon after his death, she had it prepared for him to move in.

She backed Joe Arpaio during his unsuccessful comeback attempts. In a 2019 interview with the Associated Press, she stated that her husband had her support in his unsuccessful attempt to run for a seventh term as sheriff.

“He loves his work and would like to get back into it,” Ava Arpaio said. “That’s all he has done his whole life.”

Arpaio’s Personal Life

In 1958, Arpaio wed his wife Ava, and the two eventually produced two kids. Ava passed away from cancer complications in 2021. He resided in Fountain Hills, Arizona, as of 2008. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wife

Arpaio discussed gun restriction with Sacha Baron Cohen’s fascist-supporting YouTuber alter ego OMGWhizzBoyOMG in the mock TV comedy Who Is America? in 2018. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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