Melissa Fumero Husband: How Many Children Do They Have?

Melissa Fumero Husband: Amy Santiago, a law-abiding former investigator who advances to sergeant in the NBC police drama Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was portrayed by Melissa Fumero. But before that, she rose to fame in the soap opera One Life to Live as Adriana Cramer.

She met David Fumero there, who had formerly had a significant role in a Mariah Carey music video, and they later got married. And reportedly, his future wife had a crush on him because of that work. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Melissa Fumero Husband and more.

Melissa Fumero Fell For Her Future Husband When He Appeared In Mariah Carey’s ‘honey’ Music Video

When Melissa Fumero first met her future husband, she was 13 years old. At the time, David Fumero was a young model. In Mariah Carey’s 1997 hit single “Honey” music video, he made a fleeting cameo appearance. And Melissa, a teenager, was enthralled. Melissa Fumero Husband

In an interview with Steve Harvey in October 2017, Melissa revealed that the unidentified music video celebrity was the object of her intense crush. She would even become irate if MTV ended the video too soon and she missed David’s entrance.

When they finally met, Melissa didn’t even recognize David, even though she had a significant crush on him as a youngster. She was an adult working on One Life to Live, and David had returned as a guest star for three months.

When Melissa and David started dating, she had some knowledge of David’s past, but she was unaware that he had been her childhood sweetheart. Until he brought up the “Honey” video during a date. Melissa naturally made the connections and had to leave the room because she was overwhelmed. Melissa Fumero Husband

Melissa And David Fumero Are Married With 2 Kids

Two small children belong to Melissa and David Fumero, who have been married since 2007. On March 24, 2016, their first child, a son named Enzo Fumero, was born. She raved that Enzo had the “Sweetest face” she had ever held as she announced his arrival on Instagram.

Melissa Fumero Husband
Melissa Fumero Husband Melissa Fumero Husband

After she revealed she was expecting in November 2019, the former co-stars welcomed their second child, Axel Fumero, on February 14, 2020. Since Axel was born, the pair admitted that Valentine’s Day had grown to be their favorite occasion.

Other Celebrities Who Had A Crush On Their Future Partners

Even famous people have crushes on famous people. And some well-known people have ended up dating or wed their passions. Machine Gun Kelly acknowledged that Megan Fox, his fiancée, was his ideal partner. And when he was younger, his room was covered in posters of her.

Who else in the spotlight had a crush on their future spouse? David Beckham claimed that he developed a severe infatuation with her after seeing Victoria Beckham in the “Say You’ll Be There” music video. Tom Cruise, whom Katie Holmes eventually married and had a kid with, was the object of her intense crush. The future Mrs. Justin Bieber was a huge Belieber when she was Hailey Baldwin.

Who Is Melissa Fumero?

On August 19, 1982, Melissa Gallo was born in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. She is the daughter of Cuban immigrants who came to the country as young adults. When Gallo was six years old, his family relocated from Guttenberg to Lyndhurst.

Her father taught math and worked at a jewelry business in 2014, while her mother stayed at home and had previously been a hairdresser. She and her family spoke Spanish at home, but once her brother had problems at school, her parents stopped pressuring her and her to do so. Melissa Fumero Husband

Gallo started taking dancing lessons because she loved writing and performing plays as a child. After viewing The Secret Garden on Broadway when he was ten years old, Gallo declared his interest in acting. After that, her parents enrolled her in acting classes.

How Rich Is Melissa Fumero?

American actress Melissa Fumero has a 4 million dollar net worth. She is arguably best recognized for her roles on the television shows “One Life to Live” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Melissa Gallo, born in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, began dancing as a young child before changing her name to Melissa Fumero.

When Did Melissa Fumero Start Her Career?

Gallo experienced exclusion when she started working in the entertainment industry. She could only attend specific roles’ auditions. She secured the part of Adriana Cramer on the serial opera One Life to Live (OLTL) just hours after passing her final exam at NYU, which she referred to as “the biggest redeeming moment.”

The character was performed by Amanda Cortinas, who later left the show because “her plot line never [got] off the ground.” The series welcomed Gallo on January 20, 2004. In two All My Children episodes from 2005, she played the same part again. Melissa Fumero Husband


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Her contract with OLTL expired in January 2008, and Fumero was supposed to quit the program soon after. Instead, she lasted until June 11, with her final scenes being shot in May. Melissa Fumero Husband

From September 2008 to January 2011, Fumero made many trips back to One Life to Live. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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