Are Raven And Sk Still Together? What Have They Both Said Since Then?

Are Raven And Sk Still Together: Are Raven And Sk Still Together? is a common question thanks to the straightforward and drama-free couple from Love is Blind season 2. Everyone is speculating about the future of the current Love is Blind season 3 cast and romantic couplings as the well-liked Netflix dating program with a difference comes back.

There have been several memorable moments, such as Andrew’s false “tears” and Raven’s jumping jacks. The status of the 2022 cohort and their significant others is a trendy topic, much like how fans were curious about who from Love is Blind season 1 and who from season 2 are still together.

Early in November, Netflix released the newest batch of Love is Blind season 3 episodes, which included the wedding days of two beloved couples. We’ve looked into what transpired between Raven and SK on the big day and whether they Are Raven And Sk Still Together.

Are Raven And Sk Still Together?

Sadly, it appears like SK and Raven are no longer dating. Even though the two follow each other on Instagram, there haven’t been any photos of the two together since SK declined to wed Raven, indicating there hasn’t been a reunion. At the altar, SK replied to Raven, who was astonished, “I do not. “Raven, we both understand how we feel about one another now. I cherish you.

Are Raven And Sk Still Together
Are Raven And Sk Still Together

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However, the situation we are in is highly unusual and complicated. I believe this is not the best day to carry out this.” A sentimental Before leaving SK at the altar, Raven asks for a hug and expresses her regret. She exits the aisle and says, “I never want to have another wedding.”

SK continues to tell his mother that the situation wasn’t “appropriate” at the time. Later, he says to the camera: “I have no doubts about that. I cherish Raven. Even though I realize she’s undoubtedly upset and angry, I would feel terrible and guilty about staying married to her, given the myriad of other unresolved issues.

“You are aware that it isn’t just the fact that I had to leave after our marriage. It also has to do with her unwillingness to move to California with me. Additionally, it concerns some issues that I am positive she feels strongly about. The family situation is still something that bothers me a little bit.

“I have considered the possibility that my choice today will result in my losing her permanently. As tragic as it may sound, I would rather lose her than remain in a marriage with her where I would constantly feel inadequate.”

Regarding Raven, she told the cameras that she “plans to say yes today.” She acknowledged that the two had problems and admitted that it was “very hard for him to stand there” and refuse her. She said we’ve already established that I am not the ideal Nigerian bride. And because that’s not who I am, I’m unsure if I can ever be that way.

What Have They Both Said Since Then?

Since then, the couple has talked publicly about what transpired on their wedding day and their observations on their relationship. According to Raven, it was “a pretty emotional day,” SK’s rejection at the altar surprised her a little. I was a little astonished because we had just gone through this entire experience, and I had enjoyed myself immensely.

She continued by saying that her emotional response surprised the audience. Raven admits, “I was pretty astonished.” “I feel like I was not portrayed as an emotional person the whole time. It was probably strange for everyone to watch me be such a crybaby.”

SK believed that the depth of Raven and SK’s love story was not adequately depicted in Love is Blind season 3. “I think Raven and I’s narrative, the way it was portrayed on the program, I sort of feel horrible viewing it, especially from the standpoint of the viewers, because a lot of our love story wasn’t entirely told in the manner it was portrayed,” he said to PEOPLE. “The narrative concentrated a lot more on some other topics and situations in the show.”

Are Raven And Sk Still Together
Are Raven And Sk Still Together

He also explained how their relationship ultimately ended because he chose to study in a different state. He doesn’t hold Raven responsible for Raven’s lack of support for this, either. She didn’t have an issue with it when he discussed his plans to graduate school in their first talk. “We said we’d do things remotely and test it out, but of course, it’s easier said than done… when things get serious, and you have to put statistics on paper.”

“I don’t think we had enough time to get there and for her to trust me, right? It’s been ten days since we’d known each other, and telling someone you just met in 10 days to leave their dreams and come pursue your dreams, it’s got to take a lot of guts to be able to do that,” he continues. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit

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