Is Penn Badgley Married? How Did He Meet His Wife?

Is Penn Badgley Married?: The most heinous murderers are usually portrayed as the nicest people in TV shows and movies. Season 3 of You, starring Penn Badgley as serial killer Joe Goldberg, returned to Netflix on Friday, October 15, focusing on Joe’s domestic life. He and his partner, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), are taking care of their newborn son, Henry, in the suburbs.

Since Badgley and his real-life wife Domino Kirke welcomed a baby boy in August 2020, he is specially equipped for the storyline development. The actor and singer insist that he is nothing like his deadly on-screen persona.

The funny thing is, I was interested in what my new fatherhood would do to my experience with Joe and acting with him,” Badgley recently told Access. I was having such a positive and uplifting experience (and still do), and Joe was and is scared the whole time.

Even more so than in his breakthrough performance as the gloomy (if covert) “Lonely Boy” Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl, Badgley is worlds apart in real life. Badgley’s life reads more like a fairy tale than a career, what with all his playing roles and charity work. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Is Penn Badgley Married? and more.

Is Penn Badgley Married?

Sadly, Badgley is no longer available. He and Kirke finally tied the wedding in 2017. Check out the 2019 Instagram birthday message he wrote her to see the proof.

A very bright soul, you manage to spark alight practically everyone you encounter, like a 99% success rate,” he captioned a goofy video of her playing in the snow. Is Penn Badgley Married?

Is Penn Badgley Married?
Is Penn Badgley Married? Is Penn Badgley Married?

“You inspire those around you to open up, take risks, be kind, and think broadly. It’s plain to see that you have a tremendous ability for empathy, the kind that can touch the hearts of even the coldest person.” Badgley added a heartbreaking punchline to the mash note: “My goal is to bring happiness to your life at all times. That we are married brings me great joy.” Swoon.

Who is Penn Badgley’s Wife?

Domino Kirke is part of a remarkable and well-known family in London. Lola Kirke has been in Gone Girl, as oboist Hailey Rutledge on Mozart in the Jungle, and co-starred as Tracy in Noah Baumbach’s Mistress America; her younger sister Jemima Kirke co-starred on the HBO sitcom Girls as the free-spirited Jessa. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Is Penn Badgley Married?

Domino, meantime, studied classical voice and piano in New York City’s LaGuardia High School, following in the musical footsteps of their dad, Simon Kirke, the drummer for British rock groups Bad Company and Free. She has since released a solo album, Beyond Waves (2017), and performed alongside the likes of Lily Allen and Gang of Four as a member of the band DOMINO.

Kirke’s other considerable interest besides music is having babies. She started Carriage House Birth, a professional doula service, alongside Samantha Huggins and Lindsey Bliss, and their clientele includes Amy Schumer. Is Penn Badgley Married?

“I feel like the responsibility of the doula is to help a woman be present and feel comfortable, just by being there, holding space for her, and being a familiar face throughout an experience that can be so shapeshifting,” Kirke said in a Headspace interview. To “be that one person who is like an emotional touchstone; that steady, soothing presence.”

How Old Is Penn Badgley’s Wife?

Badgley doesn’t care about the age gap when it comes to dating. Nearly three years before his own November 1, 1986, birth, Kirke entered the world on December 17, 1983. Is Penn Badgley Married?

How Did Penn Badgley Meet His Wife?

Since Badgley and Kirke prefer to keep their relationship under wraps, their first encounter and the timeline of their courtship are mysteries. In 2014, though, the couple made a series of public outings that were heavy on the PDA, and they haven’t looked back. Is Penn Badgley Married?

“They’ve been dating for quite some time. The two groups share a large number of common acquaintances. A relationship at this level is incredibly mature and liberated. Is Penn Badgley Married?

“In the July 2014 issue of Us Weekly, an anonymous source remarked that the two share a love of certain bands and artists. In 2015, Badgley tweeted about the release of one of Kirke’s singles, and in the same year, Kirke was photographed attending a gig by his band, MOTHXR. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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