Who Is Dj Akademiks Girlfriend? Who Is He Dating?

Dj Akademiks Girlfriend: DJ Akademiks has a brother and was born on May 17th, 1991, in Spanish Town, Jamaica. His father was a principal at a prestigious Jamaican school, and rumors abound about his extramarital affairs.

DJ Akademiks claims to have forgiven and come to terms with his father’s character flaws, such as his frequent absences, extramarital affairs, and the subsequent start of a second family. So, DJ Akademiks relied heavily on his mother and grandmother for care as a child. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Dj Akademiks Girlfriend and more.

Who Is DJ Akademiks Dating?

At the moment, DJ Akademiks is seeing Angelica Ggx. They’ve been dating since 2017, spending about 5 years and 7 days together. The May 17, 1991, birthday of the Jamaican YouTuber. On YouTube, he goes by The Negotiator and comments sarcastically on various social concerns. As a hip-hop gossip journalist, he spreads rumors and stories about the biggest rappers in the game.

About the Relationship

As of 2022, Angelica Ggx is DJ Akademiks’ significant other. Dating between them started in 2017. They both have opposite signs: he is a Taurus, and she is a Virgo. Generally speaking, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces are the most compatible signs with Taurus, while Leo and Aquarius are the least. Dj Akademiks Girlfriend

Dj Akademiks Girlfriend
Dj Akademiks Girlfriend Dj Akademiks Girlfriend

DJ is 31, and his girlfriend Angelica Ggx is 27. CelebsCouples reports that DJ Akademiks had been in at least two other relationships before this one. He’s never been married before. Angelica Ggx and DJ Akademiks have been together for almost 5 years and 7 days.

Who Is Angelica Ggx?

Angelica Ggx, the lady friend of DJ Akademiks, was born on September 3, 1995, in New Jersey. She’s 27 years old now and a Virgo by zodiac sign. Angelica Ggx is primarily recognized as a model. Like you, she was a pig of a calendar year baby.

Members verify and authenticate each other’s dating profiles. To guarantee the reliability of our dating statistics and user profiles, we only use data and resources that are freely available to the public. Dj Akademiks Girlfriend

Who Is DJ Akademiks?

Originally from Jamaica, DJ Akademiks entered the world on May 17th, 1991, a Friday. DJ Akademiks is his real name, and he turned 31 recently. Those who entered the zodiac on May 17 are considered to be Taureans. Since he was born in the year of the Goat, he has a unique perspective on life.

Livingston Allen, better known by his stage name DJ Akademiks, is a YouTube celebrity who is half-Jamaican and half-American. At Rutgers University, he worked as a DJ once a week. He completed his undergraduate studies with a major in biomathematics. Dj Akademiks Girlfriend

When Did DJ Akademiks Start His Early Career?

When it came to hip-hop communities on the web, DJ Akademiks was a mainstay. On October 13, 2012, he launched a YouTube account dubbed DJ Akademiks, where he planned to publish videos of his college disc jockey sessions, interviews with fellow students, and his thoughts on Hip-Hop and Rap. He also ran a Hip-Hop/Rap news website called Late Night Creep around this time. However, it has since shut down.


To shed light on the blunders criminals make before, during, and after committing crimes, DJ Akademiks launched a YouTube channel on May 3, 2014, appropriately dubbed Crime Fails.

DJ Akademiks launched a YouTube channel on June 24, 2014, called The War In Chiraq, intending to cover the gang wars in Chicago and the various drill artists involved in these conflicts.


King Akademiks, the YouTube account that DJ Akademiks launched on February 8, 2015, is dedicated entirely to showcasing highlights from his Twitch broadcasts, which he will begin doing in 2022.

DJ Akademiks launched Akademiks TV on YouTube on March 13, 2015, intending to upload high-quality clips of various Hip-Hop and Rap artists. There would be no DJ Akademiks commentary on this film. Dj Akademiks Girlfriend


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DJ Akademiks published a video on his original self-titled YouTube channel on July 10, 2015, explaining that the track had been suspended and that he would be relocating to a new medium, also titled DJ Akademiks.

DJ Akademiks launched his second YouTube channel, DJ Akademiks TV2 – The Negotiator, on August 18, 2015, to serve as a backup for his primary medium. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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