Harnaaz Sandhu Weight Gain: She Had Been “Bullied” Online For Gaining Weight!

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu revealed that she had been “bullied” online for gaining weight.

The model, 22, said to People on Thursday, “Physically, I have grown, got more pounds, and increased my weight, which I am wondering about right now. “But I was made fun of for putting on weight,”

That individuals had such strong ideas about her physique was “uncomfortable and frankly surprising,” she continued.

She told the magazine, “It’s not about how you appear; it’s about who you are inside, how you treat people, and what you believe in. She has been moved to tears by the harsh criticism despite her positive perspective.

Sandhu acknowledged, “I broke down so many times. “Occasionally at the strangest times. I will perform on stage or whatever when this scenario crosses my head. It’s very depressing.

The Bollywood actress claimed that after winning Miss Universe, she spent more time with her family and less worrying about her diet and fitness routine.

She said, “I’ve been there where I used to feel awful about everything. “Now, I’ve grown to love everything. Crying is acceptable. Sadness is acceptable. Sandhu expressed her hope that through sharing her experience, people can discover how to accept their own changing bodies.

She continued that we must “embrace” our shortcomings, adding that we are all flawed. In December, Sandhu won the world’s title of the most beautiful woman. She later said that she was “overwhelmed” because it had been 21 years since India had won the title.

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