Who Is Claire Stoermer? All About Zendaya’s Parents

Claire Stoermer: You may wonder who raised Zendaya, the outstanding young actress. Parents Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman have been behind their daughter’s success in the entertainment industry since her birth in Oakland, California, on September 1, 1996.

The Zendayas’ parents, Claire and Kazembe, are huge fans and are always there to cheer their daughter on, whether they’re on set with her or at an event like the 2020 Emmys when Zendaya won for the first time.

Zendaya is close to her parents, although she doesn’t talk about their private lives. After word broke that her parents had separated in 2016 after eight years of marriage, Zendaya shared a photo of herself with her parents and said, “My parents ain’t been together for a long time, y’all didn’t know since we private+they still homies #lateassnews.”

This article provides background information on Zendaya’s parents, including quotes from the actress herself. Claire Stoermer

Zendaya’s Mom, Claire Stoermer

Claire, Zendaya’s mother, is also a schoolteacher. This gave the actress a more profound respect for learning that served her well throughout her life. She found her mother inspiring because of her commitment to helping others; this impression lasted throughout her childhood. Claire Stoermer

Claire Stoermer
Claire Stoermer Claire Stoermer

“As a kid, I observed my mom work in severely underfunded schools in the heart of Oakland, California. My mum went out of her way to show her kids how much a good education could help them escape their disadvantaged backgrounds, “the starlet disclosed to the magazine’s young audience.

She’d take them to the theatre, help them understand Shakespeare, and take them on nature hikes to see sights they’d never see in the city if she hadn’t been there.

In addition, Zendaya said that if she wasn’t an actor, she would “absolutely” become a teacher. Claire Stoermer

Shake It Up, on the Disney Channel, where Zendaya debuted as Rocky Blue in 2010, marked Zendaya’s first significant breakthrough. Since breaking out as a Disney star, she has starred in numerous successful films and TV shows, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man films, The Greatest Showman, Dune, and Euphoria.

The two-time Emmy winner has maintained her modesty despite widespread accolades and praise for her work and credits her parents with helping her maintain a level head. Claire Stoermer

“I gotta give it up to my parents,” Zendaya told Ellen DeGeneres in 2016. “I’m fortunate to have the parents that I have. They have always instilled in me those core values I must carry through everything. I give it up to them. I give it up to my family.”

Zendaya has been known to doll up for award ceremonies, red carpets, and photoshoots, but she firmly believes one should be confident in their skin. Claire Stoermer

“My mom didn’t wear makeup; I don’t believe she realized that to me; it was empowering that she didn’t care,” Zendaya said to Vanity Fair. Even still, they enjoy themselves thoroughly whenever they do dress up.

Kismet Jewelry is a line created by Zendaya’s mother, and it features pieces set with gems, including amethysts, hematites, and chrysocollas.

Zendaya has been photographed in her mom’s designs and posted about her work online. The actress boasted about her mom’s jewelry design and making skills on Twitter, writing, “So my mom’s a dope ass jewelry designer/maker and slays my brand.”

Zendaya’s Dad, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Similarly to Claire, Kazembe was a schoolteacher before transitioning into a management role with Zendaya. The actress said in 2014’s Us Weekly that she “always had to take school extremely seriously” because of her parents’ occupations. She even went so far as to admit that “[s]he failed some spelling tests and was in a lot of trouble!” while she was in the second grade.

Zendaya is Claire and Kazembe’s only child. However, she has five older stepsiblings from his first marriage. Katianna, Annabella, and Kaylee are her older sisters, while Austin and Julien are her older brothers.

“I look up to my big sister and realize the influence she’s had on me and making me a better person,” Zendaya told Time in a 2015 interview. “Having such a big, grounded family, I realized as you get older how important that is.”

She also revealed to Complex that she’s an aunt as well. “Honestly, I think about my little nieces and nephews first,” she told the outlet in 2015. “Because one day they’re going to have Twitter, and they’re going to have Instagram, and I’m going to be like, ‘This is how you handle it, kids.'”

Zendaya is the youngest of five siblings. Therefore, she freely revealed that her father is too cautious about her romantic relationships. Zendaya said in 2016 that her father “is going to vet any person that even looks at me.”

“If I decide to have my dad around to make sure dad vets them out and makes sure they are cool, they better go through dad first!” she added. Claire Stoermer

How Rich Is Claire Stoermer?

As of 2022, Claire Stoermer has amassed $1,000,000 in wealth. She could have made a good living as a teacher and possibly as the House Manager in a few theatres.


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Back at the beginning of the year 2021, her whole worth was close to $800,000. But this year, she has made another USD 200,000, bringing her total earnings to an estimated $400,000.

She earns between the teacher salary range of $38,377 and $58,650 per year. It’s safe to presume that Claire and her daughter are living large because she’s the mother of a famous actress.

Since Zendaya is a famous performer and actress, her fortune is expected to reach $20 million by 2022. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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