Dak Prescott Girlfriend: What Does She Do For A Living?

Dak Prescott Girlfriend: Dak Prescott’s journey as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback has not been challenging. The Cowboys picked him 135th overall in 2016. By 2021, he had made more than NFL stars like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Prescott bounced back from a potentially career-ending ankle injury in October 2020.

The quarterback claimed he was “in the best shape that (he’s) ever been in” and was eager for the 2022 campaign. But Prescott suffered a hand injury in the Cowboys’ season opener and will be out for six to eight weeks.

Since 2020, Prescott’s been dating Natalie Buffett, and she’s been there for him through the ups and downs. The internet celebrity has become one of Prescott’s biggest cheerleaders, sending him well-wishes during games and helping him through his injury recovery. Likewise, now we can see people searching to know about Dak Prescott Girlfriend, Natalie Buffett.

She Has A Degree In Civil Engineering!

According to her LinkedIn profile, Buffett graduated with a degree in civil engineering from Southern Methodist University in 2019. In the same year, she began her internship at BGE, Inc.

She Is The Director Of Content Creation For A Home Fitness Company!

In May of 2021, Buffett accepted the content production and strategy director role at home gym company OxeFit. In May of 2022, Shaquille O’Neal was one of many professional athletes who visited the platform to try it. Buffett is a certified yoga instructor. Dak Prescott Girlfriend

She And Prescott Made Their Relationship On Instagram Official In 2020

Prescott and Buffett prefer to keep their relationship low-key so that you won’t find many photos of them together online. Although the quarterback follows Buffett on Instagram, he has yet to post a picture of himself with the billionaire investor.

Dak Prescott Girlfriend
Dak Prescott Girlfriend Dak Prescott Girlfriend

Though they had been tight-lipped about their relationship, they made their Instagram love official on Prescott’s 27th birthday, July 29, 2020. Sweetie, I hope you have a wonderful birthday today! Buffett captioned a photo of himself and Prescott on a balcony together.

She Supported Prescott When He Injured His Ankle During A Game

Prescott has carried off the field in October 2020 after a season-ending ankle injury. Buffett was there for Prescott the entire time he was recuperating; at one point, the two even went as far as to dress up as a nurse and her patient for Halloween.

While Prescott hobbles on crutches, Buffett posted an Instagram photo of herself with a syringe, writing, “Time for your vaccine.”

She And Prescott Are Dog Parents To Four Pups!

Prescott and Buffett are pretty proud of their pups, yet, even so, canine parents and their puppies have their own Instagram profiles. They don’t appear to be parents yet. Dak Prescott Girlfriend

Prescott’s red pit bull, Legend, was his first dog before he got Icon. The statement accompanied an official Instagram debut for Icon, “People say I appear cruel, but I swear I’m by far the sweetest one in my family.”

In March 2020, the couple adopted a French bulldog named Bean, and in January 2021, they got another French bulldog named Atlas.

She Shared A Sweet Tribute To Prescott On Valentine’s Day, 2021

For Valentine’s Day 2021, Buffet posted an Instagram snapshot of herself and Prescott next to a tiki torch on a beach at dusk. Her simple “Love you, Valentine” caption was the only inscription on the photo. Dak Prescott Girlfriend

She Calls Prescott Her “Best Friend”

On July 29, 2021, in honor of Prescott’s birthday, Buffett shared a sweet photo of the two kissing along with a touching message. Affectionately, “Happy Birthday! Everything you have accomplished and experienced over the past year has made me proud of you.

You are a welcome addition to my wacky existence, and I do not doubt that you will accomplish fantastic things in your 28th year. She penned, “I love you, my cowboy, travel partner, canine father, and greatest friend. Dak Prescott Girlfriend

She Accompanied Prescott To The 2022 Nfl Honors Awards Ceremony

While Prescott was nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year and Art Rooney Sportsmanship trophies at the NFL Honors gala on February 11, 2022, in Los Angeles, Buffett supported him. Buffet referred to her date with Prescott as “the nicest date” in an Instagram post.

How Long Have Dak Prescott And Natalie Buffett Been Dating?

No one knows when they initially met, but they became public knowledge in early 2020 after Buffett posted a photo of them together on his blog. Even though Prescott had broken his right ankle in a complicated fracture, the pair nevertheless decided to dress up for Halloween.


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Dak dressed as a patient, complete with crutches, and Natalie as a nurse with jello shots as they made the best of a bad situation. During the offseason of 2022, Dak Prescott and her friends gathered to celebrate her 25th birthday. Comfortable festive cheer was shared on the yacht. Dak Prescott Girlfriend

What Does Natalie Buffett Do For A Living?

Natalie works as a social media influencer and as a model. She is well-known for her willingness to share her workout routine and anecdotes to inspire others to reach their fitness objectives. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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