Shauna Rae: Where Did She Heads To A Job Interview

Shauna Rae: Shauna, now 22 years old, goes on a job interview at a local dog boarding facility, where she meets the owner and takes a tour in an exclusive preview for PEOPLE.

Shauna mentions the sticker shock she experienced when apartment hunting as the reason she is actively seeking employment. She explains, “I need to acquire this job if I want to move out.”

Shauna Rae is confident that she will do an excellent job, too. The 22-year-old has always been passionate about animals, despite looking like an 8-year-old due to pituitary dwarfism. Shauna Rae

“I’ve always been interested in working with animals. I first became interested at 3 when I wanted to become a vet. So working at a kenneling place is exciting because I don’t like working with people as much,” she says with a laugh. Shauna Rae

The store’s owner, though, is not convinced. He says, “We have some huge dogs,” as he inspects her from below. Do you think you’ll have any trouble with them?

Shauna Rae admits in an emotional monologue that his worry is warranted. That’s why I’m so easily dominated,” she says. Shauna Rae

Back at the kennel, though, she is entirely at ease. “When standing on two legs, my dogs at home are taller than me, and they both weigh more than me. I’m confident in my ability to succeed, “She reveals the information to the proprietor.

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae Shauna Rae

“I don’t think larger and more aggressive dogs are scarier for me. I think yes, maybe I don’t want to handle them with a lead rope. Maybe give me a harness, but I will figure the situation out — even if it makes me run into a wall,” Shauna Rae continues in her confessional.

Shauna brings Cooper, a yellow lab, outside for a trial run, and the two get along great.

Shauna Rae tells her sisters more about her experience with animals as they sit in another confessional, and Rylee assures them that Shauna can easily handle the larger dogs.

“Shauna is just fine wrangling any large animal,” her sister shares. “I’ve seen her with our dog, and then I’ve seen her on a horse. It does not matter her size. They listen.”

Shauna Rae then restates her earlier assurance that she will do admirably in her new role. “Getting a job will be a big milestone in my journey toward self-sufficiency,” she says.

Shauna asks the owner the million-dollar question in the hopes of landing a job that will allow her to save up for a car and, down the road, an apartment.

“If I want to move out, it is essential that I get this job,” she confesses further. Shauna Rae

Childhood brain cancer was the diagnosis for Shauna. Despite her recovery, she remains a short 3 feet 10 inches because the sickness impacted her pituitary gland.

The second season of I Is Shauna Rae will focus on several major turning points in Shauna’s life, such as when she gets her driver’s license for the first time, as teased in the season 2 teaser. I don’t want to step out into traffic and get killed,” she tells the cameras.

This season will also detail her experiences with other major life events, such as leaving home and being encouraged to apply to college. Shauna Rae

In a candid moment, Shauna Rae admits, “Mentally, emotionally, I think I’m ready to live on my own, but I feel overwhelmed, so I’m not sure how this is going to work.” Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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