Tracie Wagaman: What Was The Cause Of His Death?

Tracie Wagaman: Sadly, Tracie Wagaman’s death has been verified by a close acquaintance. She was the star of Love After Lockup. Her passing occurred only a week after Tracie gave birth to her second child.

She told her previous manager that she was clean and sober when they last spoke and was waiting for her boyfriend’s release from prison. The circumstances of her death are unknown, but a close friend is speaking up about how well she was doing before she passed away.

During her time on Love After Lockup and its successful smash spin-off, Life After Lockup, Tracie revealed her struggles and triumphs on the road to recovery. Tracie’s drug abuse wreaked havoc on her relationship with Clint Brady. They met in jail and fell in love before she got out. As soon as Tracie was free, Clint rushed to the altar and showered her with gifts and cash.

But Tracie almost missed the ceremony because she went partying the night before instead of resting. After the wedding, Clint was devastated when Tracie ran off with his credit cards and car. After many reconciliations, splits, and Tracie’s incarceration, they finally ended their relationship.

Who Was Tracie Wagaman?

Wagaman, now 41 years old, starred in the Love After Lockup series on WeTV. Season two of the show was her first television appearance, shared with her now ex-husband, Clint Brady.

Tracie Wagaman
Tracie Wagaman

She served time for forgery and parole violation when she met Brady on years before becoming a reality TV star.

Wagaman’s social media presence increased dramatically after her release from prison and the debut of her appearances on the show. She even created an OnlyFans account.

Wagaman has been selling Avon products since 2020 and has a Cameo account to keep in touch with her Love After Lockup audience. Her second child was just one week old when she passed away.

What Was Tracie Wagaman’s Cause Of Death?

Her friend and former manager, Lily Red, broke the news in an Instagram post.

“Unfortunately, Tracie passed away on July 1. I’m not going to release more details at this time. I hope that we are praying for her family. I don’t know what else to say… Keep her family in your prayers.”

They said, “She was lovely and kind and adored her followers. She appreciated it greatly when people showed their admiration for her. What she read captivated her. The news must have devastated her loved ones. Rest in peace, Tracie; you were adored. Red said, “You were a good guy, and I’ll miss you very much.

The Las Vegas Coroner’s Office confirmed to The Sun that Wagaman died of an “accidental meth overdose” on August 19. It was determined that the death was unintentional.

According to the medical examiner, the time of death was 10:54 pm on July 1. The autopsy report also reportedly revealed that the deceased suffered from atherosclerotic heart disease, as reported by People.

Was Tracie Wagaman In A Relationship?

It turns out that Wagaman and Clint Brady got married. After her release from prison, the two married, only to divorce later. Brady was arrested in February 2021 for DUI and driving while his license was suspended; he filed for divorce while in jail.

Wagaman dated Matt Baier after breaking up with Brady and later accused her baby daddy, Luke Loera, of domestic violence in early 2021.

Her second child’s father, Loera, was arrested in June 2021 in Las Vegas on one felony and two misdemeanor offenses and is currently serving time in a local jail. When she passed away, she was unwed.

What is Love After Lockup?

WeTV’s Love After Lockup chronicles the lives of inmate couples as they strive to maintain their relationships outside of prison. The show follows the team as they begin dating, are introduced to each other’s families, and share different formative experiences.

This is the show’s fourth season, which debuted in January 2018. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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