Who Is Dua Lipa Dating Right Now? Who Has The Singer Dated In The Past?

Who Is Dua Lipa Dating: The popularity of Dua Lipa has increased over the past year due to her Future Nostalgia tour, making her one of the hottest names in the world. The pop star has wowed audiences in every significant city while demonstrating that she is on the road alone.

Her love life is perhaps a more important topic of conversation than her on- and off-duty tour clothing, which has garnered considerable attention. Since we first heard of Lipa, a few men—including Bella Hadid’s brother—have been romantically linked to her. Dua Lipa has established a living by singing about love and heartbreak.

Given that, she should have had enough inspiration and motivation to advance her career. So, in honor of the singer of the “Breakup Queen Anthem” herself, we’ve looked back at each of her past partners (and one recent rumored romance). Below, Who Is Dua Lipa Dating Right Now? Who Has The Singer Dated In The Past?

Who Has The Singer Dated In The Past?


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Who Is Dua Lipa Dating, Trevor Noah?

Who Is Dua Lipa Dating Right Now? Dua Lipa and Daily Show host Trevor Noah fueled dating rumors in September 2022 when they were seen cuddling and kissing outside a Jamaican eatery in New York’s East Village. An observer who spoke to The Daily Mail said: “They were discretely seated off the main dining area. They sat closely together during the meal, making it obvious they were into each other. Together, they strolled away, pausing for extended embraces and hugs after the second kiss.”

The comedian appeared on Dua Lipa’s podcast, Dua Lipa: At Your Service, a month later, in October 2022, when they raved about their friendship and one another. He said to Dua, “You’ve always been so lovely and gracious. “In the places where everyone is, you’ve always been a great light.”

Singer Charli XCX spoke on Dua’s podcast in the same month to address dating rumors and stress that she was concentrating on herself. She claimed this year marks the first time in a very long time that she hasn’t been in a relationship. “It’s been so wonderful just to be alone, think just of myself, and be quite selfish.”

Dua Lipa And Anwar

When Dua and Anwar (Gigi and Bella Hadid‘s younger brother) first met in early 2019, they connected over their love of music. Dua Lipa stated they first met at a BBQ but that she later slipped into his direct messages on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. When asked if she had ever DM-slid someone, she admitted, “I have a confession to make…mine was my boyfriend, so my present boyfriend.” “I did that without a doubt.”

Early in June, Anwar—an aspiring musician at the time—showed Dua some of his songs, and from that point on, “things started to spiral,” according to TMZ. Three months into their romance, the couple decided to move in together with Gigi in a New York apartment, and in August 2020, amid the pandemic, they decided to adopt a dog they called Dexter.

More than any other partnership, she said to Rolling Stone in January 2021, “I’m quite comfortable in the relationship.” “[We] get up about 9:00 or 9:30, take the dog for a wonderful long walk, maybe do some yoga, get ready, have a little breakfast, hang around, watch a movie, and play with the animals.”

The couple’s relationship was known to their inner circle to “break up/get back together/split up/get back together,” but by December 2021, things were less amicable. According to the US Sun, the couple was in “crisis talks” regarding their union. According to the informant, “the couple raised the idea about putting the brakes on their romance last month as traveling so frequently and being apart is proving to be stressful.” “Their relationship seems to be in trouble and is going through a crisis.”

Dua Lipa And Isaac Carew

Do you recall how we stated that Dua and Isaac stayed friends? It turns out that they stayed such close friends that they restarted their relationship sometime in May 2018. A few weeks later, The Sun published a video of Isaac making out with an unidentified lady in a nightclub as Dua’s song One Kiss played in the background. This video severely strained their relationship. She was now on tour. After being linked to model and celebrity chef Isaac Carew for the first time in 2015, their relationship remained stable for the following two years. They were claimed to have stayed friends after their breakup in February 2017.

Who Is Dua Lipa Dating Right Now?
Who Is Dua Lipa Dating Right Now?

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In response to criticism of his behavior, he posted on Instagram at the time: “I wouldn’t want you to think that Dua is seeing someone who doesn’t respect and love her. She wouldn’t put up with it. There was no kissing, and I’m ashamed of myself for briefly dancing after seeing how it was portrayed. Dua and I are thrilled to be together. We were faithful and loving to one another for three and a half years, and even though we occasionally had issues, we never split up in the first place.

“You should keep your friends and loved ones close, follow your gut, and go with your instinct,” Dua tweeted after the incident. Though that might have appeared like the end at the time, it wasn’t exactly. In 2019, they shared a stage at the Met Gala, and Isaac went with Dua to the Grammys, where she won two trophies. In the end, things weren’t to last, and in June 2019, the couple permanently parted ways.

A source revealed the following to The Sun: According to the source, Dua and Isaac have had a lot of difficulty scheduling dates ever since they reconciled. Things between them were great for a while because they both wanted to make things work, but she was getting busier and busier. She is preparing to release new music, but the past three years have consisted of nonstop travel to perform. Although it was a challenging choice, they ultimately failed to resolve the issue.

Dua Lipa And Paul

When Dua attended the British Summertime Gig in London’s Hyde Park, she ran upon Paul (a musician from the American band LANY). Shortly after, they began dating and spent Christmas 2017 together. Sparks immediately flew. Unfortunately, it ended up being Dua’s briefest romance in public, lasting only five months.

She then posted on Instagram, “Leave behind anything or anyone who stresses your heart out.” ‘Reminder to self: sometimes being concerned about everyone and everything can stress you out and hurt your heart. But even if it means getting in trouble, never let your love and compassion for others change.

After her breakup with Paul, it was said that Dua had reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Isaac Carew. A source told The Sun, “Despite having a great time together, Dua and Paul’s relationship didn’t last. Isaac, whom she parted ways about this last year, has come to mind due to the breakup.” If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit Newswatchlist.com.

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