Valentina Paloma Pinault
Valentina Paloma Pinault

Who Is Valentina Paloma Pinault? How Rich Is She?

Valentina Paloma Pinault: From her taste in antique handbags to her wit, Salma Hayek’s daughter is a carbon copy of her famous mother. Hayek and French businessman François-Henri Pinault had a daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, in 2007.

The couple met in 2006 and got married in 2007. The pair wed on Valentine’s Day, 2009, in a civil ceremony at the City Hall of Paris’s 6th Arrondissement, followed by a spectacular wedding in April of the same year in Venice, Italy. We saw Valentina in her role as a flower girl.

The House of Gucci starlet spoke up about her first six months as a mother in an interview with People En Espanol in 2008. Having her one and only daughter has been “the most fantastic experience I have had in my life, and I have done a lot,” she said.

“There must be a lot of ladies out there who think, “My God, what a fantastic life she has; she can do everything she sets her mind to!” However, giving birth to my child is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever accomplished.”

Valentina’s mother attended the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week in March 2022, and the two went together. Hayek rarely posts photos of her daughter Valentina on social media, even though Valentina has made several red-carpet appearances in support of her mother. A deviation was made, however, for her daughter’s fifteenth birthday on September 21, 2022, and her happy mother was there to witness it all.

The starlet celebrated the occasion with a series of posts on Instagram, including a video shot by Blake Lively. She wrote, “Happy 15 years to my sweetheart” in the Spanish caption.

Hayek continued, “Valentina, you are my everything.” “We appreciate how your brilliant character brightened our days. Being your mother is an honor. To the depths of my soul, I adore you.”

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She Was Born In September 2007

In September 2007, after dating for a year, Hayek and Pinault became parents to their daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault. Hayek’s mother and brother were there at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles when Hayek gave birth to her daughter Valentina.

Valentina Paloma Pinault
Valentina Paloma Pinault Valentina Paloma Pinault

In 2015, Hayek admitted to PEOPLE that she had doubted she would ever become a mother due to her advanced age. “I was a mature parent, having my first child at 40. There was a time when I didn’t think I would be able to, which meant a lot to me. “Hayek exposed a secret. Before giving birth to Valentina, the actress was already 41 years old.

Hayek took a break from acting after Valentina arrived, but her decision to go back to work had as much to do with Valentina as it did with her. In an interview with PEOPLE, she emphasized the need to teach one’s children that “it’s not all about them.” You’ve proven that “you are also your person, and you have to continue to improve in the industry where you are working” by your example.

She And Hayek Graced The Cover Of Vogue Mexico’s May 2022 Issue, Together

At the tender age of 14, Valentina already had a magazine cover story in her resume. The aspiring actress and her Mexican-born mother, Hayek, had a beautiful photo shoot together for the May 2022 issue of Vogue Mexico. They were captured on camera in many settings and ensembles, including one where they wore identical striped T-shirts and coats.

Valentina stated during the interview that she would like to follow in her mother’s footsteps professionally. She said, “I desire different things, but I constantly move between 4.

I would like to be an actor, then a director since that makes sense in my thinking,” translated into English. “I also think it must be harder to be a director if you don’t have experience on the other side of the screen that could aid directing.” Valentina Paloma Pinault

She Is A Tough Movie Critic

In 2021, when promoting Eternals on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hayek admitted she was “terrified” to bring Valentina as her plus-one to the premiere because Valentina may be a harsh critic.

“I have to say. She is one tough cookie. As much as I wanted to take her, I was afraid. “That’s what Hayek told Ellen DeGeneres, he said. “Movies that made her say, “My God, that was dreadful,” has been seen by her. I don’t understand, Mom. Therefore, I felt quite anxious.”

From the stands, Valentina cheered for her mother and the Eternals: “I enjoyed myself. The film was enjoyable.”

She Is Her Mom’s Biggest Fan

During an episode of “What’s in my bag?” with Vogue Mexico, Valentina revealed her love for photography and showed off her vintage camera. In the video, she can be heard saying, “I shoot shots of my pals with disposable cameras.” She also mentions in passing that she is enrolled in high school photography classes.

“Her photography is fantastic. She always has a unique perspective, “Hayek added their two cents. Hayek joked that she hadn’t seen Valentina’s purse for a long time because she, too, has a penchant for vintage accessories, namely handbags. She smirked at the bag and remarked, “She loves photography and everything to be vintage.”

She is Trilingual

Hayek was born in Mexico and Pinault in France; as a result, Valentina and her family spoke French, Spanish, and English as she grew up. As early as 2010, Pinault joked that Hayek was picking up Valentina’s French accent. Pinault previously said to PEOPLE, “It’s astonishing how fast it arrives.” Their mother is learning French from her daughter.

Her Celebrity Music Crush Is Kanye West

When it comes to music, Valentina is quite serious. She has a prayer candle depicting Lana Del Rey‘s face and uses the original iPhone headphones rather than AirPods. She has a wide range of musical tastes, from Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks to Kanye West. She gushed to Vogue Mexico about her striking first impression of him.

“I didn’t start by saying, ‘I dig your sound and your aesthetic,'” she remarked. This is what Valentina recalled. Do you want Starbucks?” she enquired of the artist. Valentina Paloma Pinault

Hayek started to say more, but his laughing cut him off after saying, “Yes, since they were going to Starbucks to buy…” Valentine rolled her eyes and said, “I usually do something like that.” Valentina Paloma Pinault

How Rich Is Valentina Paloma Pinault?

Electric Ride On Cars announced its Kids Rich List for 2020, and Valentina ranked #10 on the list of the wealthiest children. Sixth place went to a 14-year-old girl who has saved a cool $12,000,000 for her future.

The current net wealth of her father is $47 billion. Thus, she stands to receive over $40 billion. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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