Kawhi Leonard Has Missed 11 Games Due To An Ailing Knee, But The Clippers Are Still Managing It!

Kawhi Leonard, the great forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, is getting closer to playing again after missing several games this season due to the “injury management” of his surgically repaired knee.

Tyronn Lue, the head coach of Leonard’s team, issued a warning, noting that the five-time NBA All-Star still has a “far to go.”

When asked if Leonard would be back soon, Lue responded, “Not tomorrow.” It’s going to take a few more chances to fit it in, and then we’ll reassess and see how he feels once we get to the doctor and just see if we check all the boxes.

Leonard missed the 2021–22 regular season while recovering from a partially ruptured ACL in his right knee that he sustained in the previous year’s postseason.

Only two NBA regular-season games have seen the 31-year-old this Year. In both of those contests, he entered off the bench and participated briefly. As Leonard tried to return to the floor, Lue said he was inspired by how well he had lately been able to play.

Lue observed, “He played five-on-five this morning.” “a few of our men, a few of the players, and a few of the coaches. His first opportunity to play five-on-five was presented, and he performed admirably. Although he still has a long way to go, getting on the court and playing five-on-five was the first encouraging indication.”

Clippers Kawhi Leonard Injury
Clippers Kawhi Leonard Injury

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To be overly cautious, the Clippers suspended Leonard in October. The team has already stated that it was anticipated that reintegrating Leonard would take time.

Before the Clippers’ game against the Utah Jazz on November 6, Lue declared that the team would abide by the medical staff’s recommendations.

“We knew that recovering from torn ACL wouldn’t be a straight line. We discussed that before the season, “said Lue. “The main factor is that he is making good development. Simply following the advice of our medical team will do. We must consider the situation carefully.”

The two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year’s anticipated comeback date has not been announced by the Clippers. Leonard may have the chance to participate in practice before a game, as Los Angeles won’t have two days off until December 1-2.

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