Anthony McClelland
Anthony McClelland

Is Anthony McClelland LeBron James’s Father? Where Is He Now?

Anthony McClelland: Lebron James, a famed basketball player, and NBA star are said to be Anthony McClelland’s father. He is an ex-convict who has been connected to Gloria Marie James, the mother of Lebron James.

Lebron James and his purported father are no longer close. The ex-convict has tried multiple times to repair his relationship with his kid. Lebron acknowledged that growing up without his father influenced who he is today.

Is Anthony McClelland LeBron James’s Father?

McClelland and Gloria Marie James reportedly began dating during their senior year of high school. Gloria became pregnant due to the friendship at the age of 16, even though it has been established that the relationship was causal.

Roland Bivens, a basketball star at the time, was Anthony’s name. Bivens vanished after being accused of theft and arson. No one was aware of James’ father at the time Gloria became pregnant.

Nevertheless, according to other accounts, Roland did not acknowledge having given birth to the NBA superstar because it was said that he had passed away in a drive-by in 1994 when Lebron was already 8 years old.

There have been allegations that Roland Bivens, who was thought to have passed away, changed his name to Anthony McClelland to escape being arrested or to prevent being charged more than once. Anthony McClelland

Anthony McClelland
Anthony McClelland

Many people thought McClelland and Bivens were the same when he was detained in 2002 for theft and arson. Whatever anyone may think, the authorities have not yet established if Anthony McClelland and Roland Bivens are the same people.

LeBron James grew up without a father figure as a result of this. Due to this, Gloria, who was also the basketball star’s mother, had a difficult time raising him.

LeBron’s mother had initially been assisting Gloria Marie in raising him. Still, sadly she passed away when he was three years old, leaving Gloria Marie to introduce two other children besides LeBron.

Does Anthony McClelland Have Other Children?

It appears that LeBron James’ purported father has more than one child. He is the well-known one. Additionally, McClelland was involved with another lady, but he ended their relationship when she became pregnant. The pregnancy resulted in Aaron McClelland Gamble’s birth.

The similarities between Aaron and LeBron’s stories extend beyond the fact that their father absconded after getting their mothers pregnant and that they were both born in the 1980s.

In addition, McClelland’s two boys resemble him greatly. No one would dispute that the two are his sons because of how similar they seem, and despite having separate moms, some people would mistake them for twins.

Aaron and his father don’t have a relationship the same way that Anthony and LeBron don’t. The McClelland brothers have also continued to live separate lives. Even though they are all blood relatives, they do not see one another as family.

According to some reports, Aaron tried to contact LeBron, but the NBA player never responded. According to Aaron, King James allegedly ignored Aaron’s request for assistance after he lost his mother to cancer.

LeBron James has acknowledged that, despite their rocky relationship, his father’s absence from his life helped shape the man he is today. He turned the lousy energy he had experienced growing up into something powerful.

Other People Who Have Claimed to be Lebron James’ Father

Some persons have asserted their parentage regarding King James’ genealogy. Leicester Bryce Stovell, a lawyer, went so far as to accuse James of being his father and file a $4 million lawsuit against him. The attorney asserted having a relationship with Gloria when she was 15, and he was 29 years old.

However, the attorney argued Gloria and LeBron interfered with the results, despite a DNA test later demonstrating that Bryce’s accusations are untrue.

Where Is Anthony McClelland Now?

The father of LeBron James currently resides in Ohio, USA. He worked on himself and tried to rebuild his relationship with his son. The social media accounts in his name are purportedly phony because he has chosen to avoid the spotlight for personal reasons. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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